This is a collection of ebooks written by African/Nigerian authors and in a sense is a sample of the quality of the present move of God there. It would be safe to say that without their precious participation in the building up of this library, this library would not have attained the attention nor the level of downloads it has gotten over the years. May the Lord Jesus be gloried for what He is doing in that country in our day, not so much among the "great", the "mighty" or the "well known," but rather the many who are willing, obedient and the courageous that truly love the Lord and who sacrifice their time and resources to the edification of others - not only in this library but online and in person...

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  • Anatomy Of The Prosperity Gospel - By Abiodun Jemilohun
    The main objective of this treatise is to conduct a thorough examination of the prosperity theology as it currently exists in the light of the Bible, the written Word of God, which is the only authentic canon by which the veracity or otherwise of all Christian doctrines and practices can be established. ... (Click Title)
  • Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel - By By Dayo Stephen Alamu & Ademola F. Abimbola
    A Classic Critique of Today's Popular Preachers in Nigeria. You will find in this book the truth of God's Word in contrast to teachings and practices prevalent, nowadays, among God's own people but which are contrary to what God truly says. As you will read in this book, we traced how the problem stems ... (Click Title)
  • Arise - Take His Place - By John Emmanuel
    There are many great things that many men have done for God in the past. Men Like Apostle Paul gave us more than half of the books of the New Testament via the revelation of God's Spirit upon his life. Yet, death came for him. Many men and women of God could not do more than we are reading about them ... (Click Title)
  • Attitudes Of The New Creation - A Concise Study Of The Sermon On The Mount - By Emmanuel Adeniyi
    A well orchestrated and extensive review of the basics of a believer's discipleship building upon the sermon on the mount and extending into what Jesus actually meant and how that practically plays out in the believer's everyday life. The great commission is about making disciples and not just gathering ... (Click Title)
  • Becoming God's Will - By John Emmanuel
    Several young Christians today aren’t sure whether God still chooses for his own when it comes to the matter of marriage. Others think it is better for them to marry unbelievers rather than marry a child of God who approaches them with "I was led to you by God" cliché. Discernment and biblical wisdom ... (Click Title)
  • Behold The Christ - His Person, His Purpose And His Mandate! - By John Emmanuel
    Several messages, opinions and teachings have been preached about the person of Christ our Savior. We must not be ignorant of His person and the purpose for which He entered into our world. If we do not know the person of the King of glory and the reason for His coming, we will not truly appreciate ... (Click Title)
  • Beware Of Old Prophets - By Dayo Stephen Alamu
    One of the riskiest things to do is to want to learn from one's mistake, because one may not live to tell the story. It is safe and wise to learn from others mistakes. There are many people in the bible that we can learn from. This book is all about learning from the mistakes of some Bible characters. ... (Click Title)
  • Case For Another Reformation, A: A Call To Apostolic Christianity - By Abiodun Jemilohun
    There is a simmering demand today for another Reformation of the Church. While the objection to the status quo appears to be global, Nigeria seems to be the epicenter this time around. Since then, many commentators have voiced their concerns through social media about the numerous erroneous doctrines ... (Click Title)
  • Christian Evangel, The: Pillars Of The Christian Faith - By E. G. Dicey
    Five aspects of biblical faith considered to be pillars of the Christian Faith are treated in this book. They include: Repentance, Forgiveness, Justification, Sanctification and the gift of the Holy Spirit. These five subjects bring about what may be termed 'The Alchemy' the power that transforms from ... (Click Title)
  • Contract's Trap, The - By John Emmanuel
    The time is short, the end is near, some contractors are being contracted to pull down careless young men and women. In this christian fiction book, you will meet the contractor and their targets. May you find the motivation to pray for our young persons after reading this. ... (Click Title)
  • Daddy's Girl (Because He Loves You) - By John Emmanuel
    The sensitive nature of this book is that it explores the life of Shalom, who ended up among those whom the Bible in Romans 1:26 describes as "exchanging natural relations for unnatural ones". Yet, no one is ever too far from the cross of Christ while they are still alive. It is my sincere prayers that ... (Click Title)
  • Dead But Alive - By John Emmanuel
    Gifts, sign and wonders are not enough to keep a man in check. Every child of God has a calling to live out the holiness life that we have been called into by the life of Christ. Those who give me themselves to pleasures are dead while alive. In this book you will meet several characters including Williams ... (Click Title)
  • Declared Bankrupt - By John Emmanuel
    If only they were in tune with the Spirit. They had left their altar of fellowship with the Spirit of God before then. In fact, FOLA BARNABAS had been declared spiritually bankrupt by heaven. We were only hoping he would retrace his steps before that day. And you see, when the leader is sick, the members ... (Click Title)
  • Divine Power To Prevail, The (An Interactive Teaching Series) - By Segun Benson
    An 81 Weekly Verse-by-Verse Interactive Teaching Series Based on The Gospel of St. Matthew plus 81 Memory Verses, 81 Behavioural Objectives, 39 Praise/Worship Songs/Hymns, 15 Choruses and 245 Prayer Points. Interactive teaching method, lends itself to digging deep into an area of knowledge, while it ... (Click Title)
  • Divorcée, The - By John Emmanuel
    This e-book is a one act Play which mirrors the need for a christian to be separated from the devil,sin and worldly lust. It gives an account of the struggle of Esther who sued her husband for a divorce. Find out more in the e book. ... (Click Title)
  • Endtime Codes, The - By Anthony Livingstone
    This book connects the dots in many places relating to the prophetic and the end times events. A very vivid portrayal of events and actors along with quite a bit a background in scripture all the way back to Genesis. The author has done his homework on this one and it is very much a "must read." If ... (Click Title)
  • Epistle To The Romans, The: A Bible Study And Commentary - By Anthony Livingstone
    From the book: "They were to disciple NATIONS, not just the Jewish people. It was not to be a religion like the Jewish religion of Judaism, hence it is described as the Faith and its adherents are to be people who are in obedience to its tenets. The Faith therefore is descriptive of a set of teachings ... (Click Title)
  • Errors Of The Word Of Faith: Unveiling A Cleverly Concealed Lie - By Abiodun Jemilohun
    Theology espouses several concepts that were hitherto unknown in mainstream Christianity. These concepts have now become so popular that only someone who is well acquainted with church history can discern them as foreign to the Christian faith. This volume is another genuine attempt to examine this ... (Click Title)
  • Essentials Of Our Faith, The - By Ovo Okpubuluku
    The basic essentials of faith in Jesus Christ are itemized and expounded upon in this ePamphlet. Subjects presented, along with scriptures, include: God - Christ Jesus - The Holy Spirit - The Church - Sin And Forgiveness - Repentance From Dead Works - Faith Toward God - Instructions On Baptisms - Laying ... (Click Title)
  • Evangelism: You Too Can! - A simple guide to soul winning - By John Emmanuel
    Having been permitted of God to train some brethren on evangelism, we believe the basic thoughts shared in those training can serve as a guide for people who desire to obey the Lord Jesus' instruction on evangelism. "And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news ... (Click Title)

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