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“... explaining spiritual realities with Spirit-taught words.”  (1 Corinthians 2:13 NIV)

A writing / teaching ministry from Bill and Frances Furioso

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  • Evil - The Absence Of God (ebook 49 Pages)
    We all acknowledge that there is an evil contingent in the spiritual realm, but are hesitant to give too much attention to it, preferring to maintain a truly Christ-Centered faith. To say that I am a ... (Click Title)
  • Facing The Future (ebook 72 Pages
    The keys words in the title give the subject matter. There is a fact which we all must FACE, and that is: the FUTURE is coming. Whether the prognosis is good or bad - whether we want it to come or not ... (Click Title)
  • Father’s Heart - Grief, Compassion & Generosity, The
    The Parable of the Prodigal Son highlights these three aspects of the heart of God the Father: Grief, Compassion, Generosity. We are called to become like the Father. ... (Click Title)
  • Fellowship Of The Spirit, The
    The goal of this message is to look deeper into the phrase, “The Fellowship of the Spirit”, hopefully inspiring us to pursue together with the Holy Spirit, and one another, what I have come to consider ... (Click Title)
  • Forsaking All To Follow Jesus (ebook 68 Pages
    What Does a God-Centered Life Look Like? In this essay, we look at what "forsaking" means, what "all" means, and what "following Jesus" means. But the impetus for writing this essay clearly came from ... (Click Title)
  • Foundation Of The Apostles & Prophets, The
    In this article, I am focusing on the adjectives, “apostolic” and “prophetic”, rather than the nouns, “apostle” and “prophet”. My goal is a more Christ-centered perspective and understanding ... (Click Title)
  • Foundation Of The Church, The
    Church... Jesus said, “I will build My Church”. What is the Church? What did Jesus mean when He used that word? Foundation... What is the Foundation of the Church? Paul said he “laid the foundation”, ... (Click Title)
  • Foundation Stones (ebook 72 Pages)
    Knowing and experiencing Christ in and by and through sound doctrine is a pre-requisite to being a witness of Jesus Christ. We cannot communicate what we do not know and understand, and we cannot give ... (Click Title)
  • From Children To A Mature Man (eessay 15 Pages)
    The impetus for writing this brief essay comes from observing the increasing deception in the midst of professing Christianity. As I reflected on this, the Holy Spirit once again drew my attention to ... (Click Title)
  • God-centered Life, The (a 3-part Series
    "God-Centeredness" is a quintessential issue. All Christians, as well as, all churches and ministries come down on one side of the line or the other regarding Man-Centeredness or God-Centeredness. There ... (Click Title)
  • Good?
    Jesus of Nazareth – the Model Evangelist? Mark 10 tells a story of an “unsuccessful” attempt at bringing someone to faith in Christ. To make matters worse, the attempt was made by Jesus Himself. ... (Click Title)
  • Gospel Of The Lion And The Lamb, The
    “The Gospel of the Lion and The Lamb” is the title I have chosen for a teaching on the Book of Revelation. The “Lion and Lamb” theme found in Revelation 5:5-6 is the essence of the Book of Revelation. ... (Click Title)
  • Headship, Leadership & The Body Another Look At Consensus In The
    It is currently in vogue in certain movements in the Western Church to criticize church leaders for usurping the Headship of Christ in the Church. I agree that, generally speaking, this is a valid criticism. ... (Click Title)
  • Hearing What The Spirit Says To The Church
    In this message, we’ll be considering some Scriptures that communicate to us that Jesus desires a people who are humble, submissive in spirit and have respect and reverence for His Word. Our desire ... (Click Title)
  • Heroic
    The Lord’s final word at the end of the Old Testament spoke of a time of restoration before the Day of the Lord in which there would be a "turning of the hearts of the fathers back to their children ... (Click Title)
  • His Name Will Be Called, And... (isaiah 9:6) (ebooklet 46 Pages)
    The focus of this message is the names that Isaiah used to describe the coming King. And the key to understanding these names is the historical context of the people he is speaking to. Basically, he was ... (Click Title)
  • In, But Not Of (ebook 60 Pages)
    "In", but "not of". These are the two contexts in which a disciple of Christ lives - IN the world; but not OF the world. John 17:13-19 For more than two thousand years the Church has struggled to understand ... (Click Title)
  • Israel Of God, The
    In order to have reasonable communication and a constructive, beneficial discussion on a matter, we need to define the terms which are being employed in the discussion. So, if we are to discuss Paul’s ... (Click Title)
  • Laying The Foundation (ebooklet 24 Pages)
    The apostle Paul wrote: "As a wise master builder, I laid a Foundation." For about 50 years I have pursued wisdom on what it means to "lay the Foundation of Christ" through discipleship. This publication ... (Click Title)
  • Let Your Work Appear To Your Servants: A Prophetic Word
    This is a prophetic word concerning our co-laboring with the Lord as He builds His Church. ... (Click Title)

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