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This is an online library set up to store and distribute eBooks and Webpages of material related to the subject of the "Restoration" of the Church of Jesus Christ. If a title is here, it is not a 100% endorsement but rather that the material has more than sufficient value to be read. Unless otherwise noted (as in separate collections attached with different distribution terms), the ebooks in this library are freely available to download and distribute to friends for educational NON-COMMERCIAL use in their unaltered state. Any suggestions or question? Use the "Contact" button in the menu at the top of each page...

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coverSpirit Of The World, The (ebooklet 35 Pages) (2012)
By: William Furioso
This essay consists of two related messages from John’s first epistle. Part 1 is entitled “Do Not Love the World”, and Part 2 - "Do Not Believe Every Spirit”. Regarding the Christian’s relationship to the world, these are the two commandments the apostle John gives in his first epistle: “Do Not Love the World” and “Do Not Believe Every Spirit”.
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PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of the TC-LIB.org Collection, all the below are also in our searchable database that is accessible from the menu at the top of the page in "Titles" and "Titles Plus" lists.
  • Africa/Nigeria Collection
    This is a compilation of ebooks written by African/Nigerian authors and in a sense is a sample of the quality of the present move of God there to restore the New Testament Church and the Truth. It would be safe to say that without their precious participation in the building up of this library, this library would not have attained the attention nor the level of downloads it has gotten over the years.
  • aWildernessVoice.com Collection
    This is a separate collection of 15 ebooks included in our main library written by George Davis, Michael Clark, Kokichi Kurosaki and William Law for those desiring to go deeper into the Lord.
  • AtChristsTable.org Collection
    This is a separate large collection of 45+ ebooks and epamphlets included in our main library written by William and Frances Furioso that are a treasure chest for those desiring to go deeper into the Lord. The author digs into scriptural subjects with countless footnotes for study. Our library hosts his ebooks for mutual use.
  • TC-LIB.org Collection
    This is a separate collection of 24 ebooks written by or about the early missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands during the 1800's. These are restored texts chronicling in part one of the most powerful moves of God of the 1800's.


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ADDED: 2022-10-22

coverPartaking Of The Lord’s Table: The Everlasting Bread (2022)
By: Ebinen Gogo Dicey
This book is written under the weight of the responsibility to feed the flock of Christ. At the heart of its entire message lies a dual purpose of bringing sinners to the obedience of saving faith in Christ Jesus and establishing the saints in saving faith unto sanctification. God grant that through this short piece of work, sinners will come to repentance and faith in Christ Jesus and the saints will find nourishment to be established in the true doctrines of the faith. Amen!
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ADDED: 2022-08-04

By: 'Tobi Moses Sotanmide
Professing Christianity in our day is seriously infected with many trends and movements and techniques that have no basis in Genesis through Revelation. 'Spiritual warfare' has come to mean so many things that come from such extra-biblical influences as African traditional religion, the 'New Apostolic Reformation', the human potential movement, corporate motivational training and many others. These things turn a love relationship with Jesus into a self-promoting life of creating your own reality by the powers of your mind and the spoken word. 'Spiritual warfare' has become disguised sorcery and divination. Brother Sotanmide refutes many of these attitudes and mystical techniques by sound teaching of God’s word. He restores the idea that true spiritual warfare is woven into our daily life of trusting and obeying the Lord Jesus Christ and our calling to be in the world but not of the world.
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ADDED: 2022-07-02

Treasures Of Darkness, The (2022)
By: William Furioso
There are places in the spiritual realm - dimensions in God, which are “dark” to us until He brings us into those depths and reveals more of Himself to us through experiences with Himself which gift us with “treasures of darkness”. But unless we “join ourselves to the Lord and become of one spirit with Him”, God’s “treasures” – His values, priorities, and agenda for our lives are VERY DIFFERENT from ours. But if we “glory in knowing and understanding God” what He treasures we will treasure. So, let’s look at some of the “treasures” we may find hidden in darkness. I’ll be discussing Meekness, Patience, Simplicity, and Contentment.
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ADDED: 2022-04-01

By: Matthew A. Adams
This devotional contains short messages compiled from the author's daily posts on his blog. It expresses the spirit and drive of the author, calling lost souls back to God, wandering believers back to genuine faith and reliance on God, and aimless ministers back to the original purpose of God for their calling in the ministry. All of these require a new orientation that is of the Holy Spirit and by the Holy Spirit.
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ADDED: 2022-02-18

Purity Of Heart (2009)
By: William Furioso
I can still picture in my mind, one particular morning in 1979, as I sat at the counter of a local diner in Fort Worth, Texas, reading this verse of scripture over and over again. The Spirit of God had just opened the eyes of my heart to what was impressed upon me as being an essential aspect of Christianity. The import was that this seemed to be what the Lord desired of every one of His people. It seemed that, in the eyes of the Lord, this was to be the definitive characteristic of His children, namely, "in whom there is no deceit."
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ADDED: 2022-02-14

coverFall of Christendom and the Separation of the Remnant, The (2012)
By: Frank McEleny
A very thought provoking book that Lord can use to bring 'believers' to a clear choice. God has always had a remnant in all the centuries since Christ walked the earth. They were those that stood firm and did not compromise their faith to keep the security of their lifes. Likewise almost from the beginning of the Church, there has always been a majority that eventually got caught up in the strong currents of this world system. Often those who compromised became the greatest persecutors of the remnant that stood their ground in faith and love of their Lord. In this book, Frank McEleny has been enabled by the Lord to open up the windows of understanding and perhaps by your reading this you may find those windows opening into your own life.
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