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This is an online library set up to store and distribute eBooks and Webpages of material related to the subject of the "Restoration" of the Church of Jesus Christ. If a title is here, it is not a 100% endorsement but rather that the material has more than sufficient value to be read. Unless otherwise noted (as in separate collections attached with different distribution terms), the ebooks in this library are freely available to download and distribute to friends for educational NON-COMMERCIAL use in their unaltered state. Any suggestions or question? Use the "Contact" button in the menu at the top of each page...

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coverEternal Purpose Of God, The (2005)
By: George Davis and Michael Clark
God's great priority is, has been, and always will be to bring a people back into a face-to-face fellowship with Him, so they can make His ways known in Spirit and in truth....The call to greatness is a call to come near to God. Only those who have a face-to-face relationship with Him, who know His name, can know His ways and be a holy priesthood unto Him.
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PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of the TC-LIB.org Collection, all the below are also in our searchable database that is accessible from the menu at the top of each page in "Titles" and "Titles Plus" lists.
  • Africa/Nigeria Collection
    This is a compilation of ebooks written by African/Nigerian authors and in a sense is a sample of the quality of the present move of God there to restore the New Testament Church and the Truth. It would be safe to say that without their precious participation in the building up of this library, this library would not have attained the attention nor the level of downloads it has gotten over the years.
  • AtChristsTable.org Collection
    This is a separate large collection of 45+ ebooks and epamphlets included in our main library written by William and Frances Furioso that are a treasure chest for those desiring to go deeper into the Lord. The author digs into scriptural subjects with countless footnotes for study. Our library hosts his ebooks for mutual use.
  • Richard E. Bieber Collection
    This is a partial collection of some of the eBooks and writings of Richard E. Bieber (1927-2021), a servant of the Lord whose prolific writings have spanned six decades. He left a legacy of countless powerful messages that encourage, inspire, and convict "People of the Way" to enter into the presence of the Living God and to mirror the image of the precious Lord Jesus, bringing his life to this hurt and broken world.
  • aWildernessVoice.com Collection
    This is a separate collection of 15 ebooks included in our main library written by George Davis, Michael Clark, Kokichi Kurosaki and William Law for those desiring to go deeper into the Lord.
  • TC-LIB.org Collection
    This is a separate collection of 24 ebooks written by or about the early missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands during the 1800's. These are restored texts chronicling in part one of the most powerful moves of God of the 1800's.


NOTE: For a full list of titles, click/tap on the menu item at the top of each page, "Titles" OR with descriptions, "Titles Plus." Below is a short list of some of the recent additions to the library which will be updated as needed.

ADDED: 2023-01-14

coverJesus Only ()
By: Richard E. Bieber
In the temple of your own heart it is no longer Jesus alone on the throne, ruling without rival. It's Jesus side-by-side with your pet doctrine... Jesus side-by-side with your favorite thing about the Holy Spirit. Jesus side-by-side with your advanced view of the church. When we talk about Jesus we're not talking about a mere prophet. We are not talking about some genius among men. We're talking about God the Son in human flesh, by whom the worlds were made - the Holy One. You don't put him side-by-side with anyone. He is above all. If the Son of God is going to sit on the throne of your heart and stay there, you don't make him take turns with other things that are precious to you. You don't put two or three idols up there with him. It's Jesus only, or no Jesus at all....
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ADDED: 2023-01-12

coverTwelfth Battalion, The - A Prose (2023)
By: John Emmanuel
An absolutely remarkable ebook that tells a story (as prose) of a young woman that decides to join an elite military battalion and her struggles that somewhat mirror the life, struggles and dedication of those that decide to follow Christ. This is a short ebook that captures the reader's attention and brings home the reality of walking in Christ in each chapter! May the Lord use it to encourage lives.
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ADDED: 2023-01-09

coverSpiritual Power - For The Underground Church ()
By: Richard E. Bieber
This people which God is now calling out of the lives they've been living – out of the allegiances they have formerly had – will be a burning witness to the reality of the living God, to the lordship of Jesus the Messiah, and to the presence on earth, right now, of God's Holy Spirit. No one will be able to withstand their word – for it will be verily God's word. They will be hated as the prophets were. despised, often killed. But the more violently the world comes against their message, the more awesome their message will become, until suddenly the Messiah they proclaim will appear and their job will be completed....
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ADDED: 2022-12-13

coverKingdom Perspective And Orientation Of The Gospel, The - Everyday With The Holy Spirit Vol.2 (2018)
By: Matthew Arin Adams
There is no contention about the possibility of Christ’s coming to set up a Kingdom on earth. There are over 110 scriptures referencing the Kingdom. John the Baptist, Jesus and His disciples (Including Paul) all preached the Kingdom. Why the repeated mention of the Kingdom by our Lord Jesus? The emphasis cannot just be ordinary or accidental. Let us now consider where it is coming from and how relevant it is. (Challenging insights into the Kingdom of God)
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ADDED: 2022-11-15

coverDo Not Believe Every Spirit (2012)
By: William Furioso
In his first epistle, the apostle John is speaking of "spirits" here (4:1) in the same way the apostle Paul refers to the "spirits of prophets" in his first epistle to the Corinthians (14:32). The Greek word in both cases is pneuma, which is rich in meaning. In this context, it refers to the "breathings" (literally) or the "speakings" of prophets and teachers operating under either the influence of the Holy Spirit or the deception of evil spirits. John is addressing the heresy of Gnosticism in the first century Church. Variations of this heresy still exist in the Church today.
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ADDED: 2022-11-12

coverHeroic (2022)
By: William Furioso
The Lord’s final word at the end of the Old Testament spoke of a time of restoration before the Day of the Lord in which there would be a “turning of the hearts of the fathers back to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers”. What would affect this “turning” of “the children”? The “heroic” testimonies of the lives of “the fathers”. The essence of the “heroic” in this case is the giving of one’s life for the Cause of Christ.
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ADDED: 2022-10-22

coverPartaking Of The Lord’s Table: The Everlasting Bread (2022)
By: Ebinen Gogo Dicey
This book is written under the weight of the responsibility to feed the flock of Christ. At the heart of its entire message lies a dual purpose of bringing sinners to the obedience of saving faith in Christ Jesus and establishing the saints in saving faith unto sanctification. God grant that through this short piece of work, sinners will come to repentance and faith in Christ Jesus and the saints will find nourishment to be established in the true doctrines of the faith. Amen!
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