A Watchman’s Word - Timely Challenges for God’s People And The Contemporary Church (2024)

By William R. Kimball

Rest assured, there is indeed something happening around the world and it is taking place largely under the radar of the established church. This "happening" is not spectacular, sensational, or grandiose. Instead, it is largely subtle, low-key, and unobserved by the natural eye. Those who are involved in this quiet happening are unassuming believers content to serve in obscurity without self-promotion, spiritual posturing, or fanfare. Yet, they are experiencing this "happening" in their hearts and minds in a profound way.

That "something" that is happening is something that His last days remnant clearly discerns. It is mainly to them that this book is written. It is not addressed to the masses of complacent churchgoers because they won’t listen, seldom care, and rarely possess the spiritual discernment to recognize the truth for what it is.

Some of you will find these articles refreshing and even confirmational. Some will find them comforting and spiritually liberating. Unfortunately, there are untold millions who would see these articles as radical and even disturbing. Some would even call them the delusional ravings of a heretic. A cautionary word of warning to all would-be critics and naysayers who may stumble upon this body of work – You will find the contents of this book offensive.

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