The Preparation For The Ingathering Of The Sheep (2023)

By Paul D. Rapoza

We are living in a "day of preparation" for a move of God where Jesus takes His rightful place of exclusive preeminence in His Body, the Church (not an organization but the assembly of the saints on earth). We want to know the way forward but God wants us to prepare for the journey by stripping us down to the bare essentials that we will be able to carry with us on this path. He isn't, in many respects, giving us much information on where we are heading much like the children of Israel who were only told that they were heading towards the promised land without a map of where they were physically going.

Man has always reduced what God does on the earth to human understanding. There is a flaw in mankind because of Adam's fall that drives us to put what God has done, is doing and will do in terms of of human understanding. It is that tendency all through the centuries that ultimately pollutes anything that God has done that man touches.

Many of us want a move of God but we lack understanding to be able to receive it adequately as such, that it will not be polluted as all moves of God have been through the centuries.

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