THE DIVINE POWER TO PREVAIL (An Interactive Teaching Series) (2022)

By Segun Benson

An 81 Weekly Verse-by-Verse Interactive Teaching Series Based on The Gospel of St. Matthew plus 81 Memory Verses, 81 Behavioural Objectives, 39 Praise/Worship Songs/Hymns, 15 Choruses and 245 Prayer Points.

Interactive teaching method, lends itself to digging deep into an area of knowledge, while it also facilitates clarity about a subject matter. It is found to be a good tool for transferring knowledge from a subject matter facilitator to learners in a tutorial setting. In fact, it aids Holy Spirit-assisted illumination of the Words of God. I think this was the reason our Lord Jesus made use of this method of teaching the people during his three and a half years of ministering on this planet earth.

The absence of this approach seems to have been one of the factors responsible for lack of thorough understanding of the Scriptures in the church today. To correct this, there is an urgency for an improved and innovative approach for imparting knowledge and skills for rightly interpreting the teachings and doctrines of our Lord Jesus Christ at our various Bible study and teaching facilities, such as, the Sunday Schools, mid-week Bible study, House Fellowship Bible study centres and Campus Bible Study Fellowships. This same need is required in Theological/Bible Colleges and Seminaries.

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