The Leadership Challenge: Groanings, Tears And Succour (Critical Issues And Scriptural Solutions) (2016)

By Rotimi Adedayo
Available Also In Yoruba:
Ki K’Oju Awon Ipenija Adari L’Agbo Kristeni

Leadership is not an all comers affair; there are standards to be attained before anyone assumes any leadership position. In the corporate world, there are core competencies required of candidates for the top. In the ministry, only God in his infinite wisdom alone qualifies and appoints candidates to the position of leadership. This has nothing to do with age, colour, eloquence, experience or background.

However, being fit for leadership certainly does not provide immunity from the challenges that come with the onerous responsibility of leading others. The challenges facing Christian leaders today are enormous and cannot be gainsaid, making many leaders to groan under the weight of responsibilities and challenges that come with leading others. As a matter of fact, every true Christian in various leadership positions face challenges that are somewhat overwhelming, save the grace of God that is sufficient for leaders with the mind of Christ to carry on.

Many in leadership groan under the weight of meeting the needs of their followers, while others buckle in the face of betrayal and rebellion which can be overwhelming, but there are scriptural solutions proffered in this book for leaders who have the mind of Christ.

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