A Witness Of These Things - An Apostle's Testimony of the Life of Jesus (1st century AD)

By John the Apostle

The content of this eBook, "A Witness Of These Things by John the Apostle," is based on the "World English Bible" (WEB) version but formatted without verse numbers to give the new reader a flowing view of the text. It is not intended for study but rather that the reader may apprehend the story in totality.

This Book has been published in various formats and is intended for FREE Distribution to those who have never read John's testimony.

John was likely the youngest of the original twelve disciples of Jesus (those he called his friends). He lived with Jesus during his public ministry. He walked, talked and ate with him. He witnessed countless miracles and was taught directly by Jesus. John was there at the crucifixion, a witness of his resurrection and ascension into the heavens. He was there after his ascension when the Holy Spirit, promised by Jesus, fell on them in great power. He lived his life out under the anointing of the Spirit of Truth.

He was a true and faithful witness of those things...

Included in this Book is the book of John's testimony and Three of his letters. May you be blessed in the reading of it in Jesus Name.

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