Understanding Spiritual Warfare (2018)

By Tobi Moses Sotanmide

A very penetrating book taking a refreshing yet challenging look at both our relationship with God, by extension the relationship with the believers assembled and God and the warfare that must ultimately be won within and among us as we are gathered to the Lord Himself.

Professing Christianity in our day is seriously infected with many trends and movements and techniques that have no basis in Genesis through Revelation. “Spiritual warfare” has come to mean so many things that come from such extra-biblical influences as African traditional religion, the “New Apostolic Reformation”, the human potential movement, corporate motivational training and many others. These things turn a love relationship with Jesus into a self-promoting life of creating your own reality by the powers of your mind and the spoken word. “Spiritual warfare” has become disguised sorcery and divination. Brother Sotanmide refutes many of these attitudes and mystical techniques by sound teaching of God’s word. He restores the idea that true spiritual warfare is woven into our daily life of trusting and obeying the Lord Jesus Christ and our calling to be in the world but not of the world.

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