14 Marks Of A Genuine Saint (2020)

By Frank McEleny

In the following pages and points I want to speak to the magnificence of genuine Christianity. To be actually born again is the wonder of all the ages. Now, little men have torn away at it, counterfeited it and made religious establishments out of its truths. There has in recent decades been a rush to the bottom. Some call it nominal Christianity, others call it cheap grace, but now 'Christianity,' is measured by its lowest common denominator. As long as one 'confesses,' that one is saved then that one is accepted. This confession is more often than naught a mental assent to an abstract truth. The born-again man or woman is not just the wonder of our ages, they are the wonder of all existence. This is God’s plan in action. This is His expression of Himself through those whom He has literally transplanted into them a new heart.

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