The Christian Evangel: Pillars of the Christian Faith (2021)

By E. G. Dicey

Five aspects of biblical faith considered to be pillars of the Christian Faith are treated in this book. They include; Repentance, Forgiveness, Justification, Sanctification and the gift of the Holy Spirit. These five subjects bring about what may be termed ‘The Alchemy’ (the power that transforms from the effect of the lower life impaired by sin into the higher life in God’s holiness - subjects about which too many confusing details have been written by a litany of authors too numerous to name in any meaningful sense. But here is a largely unknown author in the Christian faith whose short but expressive book written on these subjects has helped to deliver others from the befuddlement many other writers on the subject have subjected them to over a period of time.

This ebook is filled with sound teaching on it's subject matter and more than recommended for spurring one on to greater and clearer understanding of it all without the distractions of hyper-teachings that seek to lead people astray in their walk with the Lord Jesus.

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