Divine Order In Christ (1959)

By T. Austin-Sparks

Transcribed from conference messages given in April 1959. The spoken form has been retained verbatim, words which were unclear are in [square] brackets. And when we have sung 'Tell me the old, old story' so heartily, we are confronted with the most difficult thing that has ever been called for by angels and men. To put the story of Jesus and His love to music is to employ the whole range and compass of every note of every octave, and then to want more notes. It reaches the highest. It goes down to the deepest. It is the very range and compass of His Person and His work that show how great He is; so much greater greatness than all others. It is the universality of the Lord Jesus that is His supremacy.

This book like so many of T. Austin-Sparks's writings needs to be approached prayerfully and with time to focus. It can be read and "chewed" in sections.

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