DO ALL SPEAK IN TONGUES? A Painful Exposition (2021)

By Grateful Pepple

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: This book has many clear insights into what scripture says about the manifestation of what is called, "tongues." For years, the manifestation of "tongues" has defined scripture rather than scripture defining the manifestation or forming what our expectancies should be concerning it.

FROM THE AUTHOR: Sometime in early 2020, I started having serious concerns and questions about the ‘gift of tongues’ and its use in the body of Christ, so I set out to inquire and to study. My findings shook me to my bones and shattered something I have personally cherished for over fifteen years. I strongly believe that the right attitude for us as believers is to align ourselves to the truths of scriptures, instead of aligning the scriptures to our own ways and practices, no matter how emotionally attached we may be regarding any given practice.

The reason why I have decided to put down my findings and thoughts here is not to advocate for the end of speaking or praying in tongues by believers, but that the church will end all abuses of the gift and do away with all manner of strange and unknown tongues not inspired by the Spirit, and to seek for the restoration of the genuine diverse tongues in the Church of God. I believe that the gifts of the Spirit, including the gift of speaking in diverse tongues, are still in operation and I hope that this exposition will help us rediscover this gift and gain all the benefits for which the Spirit gave the gift to the Church.

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