The Place Of The Law In The Era Of Grace: The Road Between Legalism And Lawlessness (2021)

By Abiodun Jemilohun

This book is an insightful exposition of the Bible as it relates to the Church and the believing one.The book further reveals how God’s moral precepts, which are a part of the Mosaic Law, remain the precepts of the Church, though the Mosaic Law had been abolished by the death of Christ. Hence, the moral laws cannot be abolished because they represent God’s character. The book also deals with the twin extremes (evil pillars) of legalism and license that have torn the modern-day Church apart. By rightly dividing the word of truth, these extreme concepts of legalism and license are exposed. The value of this book cannot be overemphasized. Hence, it is recommended to Christian teachers, church leaders, young ministers, new converts, and all lovers of truth.

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