A Case For Another Reformation: A Call To Apostolic Christianity (2021)

By Abiodun Jemilohun

There is a simmering demand today for another Reformation of the Church. While the objection to the status quo appears to be global, Nigeria seems to be the epicenter this time around. Since then, many commentators have voiced their concerns through social media about the numerous erroneous doctrines and unbiblical practices that have invaded the present-day Church and demanded a change. Some people have condemned this new demand and labeled it “Church bashing” but a careful look at Church history suggests this response is incorrect. Considering the similarities between the state of the present Church and that of the Medieval Church and the timing, one cannot but conclude that, as chaotic as it is, this current agitation is not a coincidence. In this treatise, we shall attempt to explore the state of the Medieval Church at the commencement of the Reformation and compare it to the current state of the Church, using Nigeria as a case study, to see if the call for another Reformation is truly warranted.

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