Tithe and Giving in the Christian Church: Setting the Record Straight: A Biblical Exposition on the Doctrine of Tithe and Christian Giving (2nd-Edition) (2021)

By Abiodun Jemilohun

This book is a well-researched material that promises to enlighten anyone who wants to know the truth about the tithe and giving in the Church of Christ. An objective study of the book invites every reader to make an intelligent decision as it concerns their financial contributions to the wellbeing of the body of Christ. Without any doubt, it is the truth that sets free. An excellent resource material on the study of the tithe both Old Testament and New Testament.

The main objective of this treatise is to conduct a thorough examination of the "Tithing & Giving" as it currently exists in the light of the Bible, the written Word of God, which is the only authentic canon by which the veracity or otherwise of all Christian doctrines and practices can be established. For centuries not men have been teaching that tithing has been mandated in the New Testament but is that truly what the Word of God says???

This book references over 190 scriptures in context and makes a great Bible study...

About the Author:
Abiodun Jemilohun is a Bible teacher in Nigeria who believes in the simplicity of the Gospel. He desires to see the Church submit unreservedly to the authority of the infallible Word of God in all ramifications. He works as a University Lecturer and a Consultant Gastroenterologist in Nigeria. He is married to Morenikeji and their union is blessed with three children: Folu, Tosin and Tolu. They all live in Nigeria.

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