The WAY: A Closer Look At Things Related To Salvation (2020) [2nd Edition]

By William Furioso

THE WAY is a compilation of related essays on the subject by William Furioso. The materials include the titles, "The Drawing of the Holy Spirit," "Repentance," "The Meaning of Baptism," "Receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit," "Apostolic Teaching," "Breaking Of Bread" and "You Must Be Born Again." This ebook is not only challenging to one's understanding but may help to correct many of our misunderstandings about the subject matter. Besides the scripture references in context, there are over 290 footnote links that can be accessed in the book, many of which are also scriptural reference chapters and numbers that can be looked up in conjunction with reading the book for reference and further study.


Now, when Jesus said we "must" be born again, he did not mean that this is something we must somehow accomplish by our own abilities. The new birth is the work of the Holy Spirit. What Jesus meant is that we "must" believe it, desire it, seek it and receive this spiritual reality. The new birth is something He desires for us; and something His Spirit accomplishes in us. But it is an absolute necessity – the fact is, the Christian life is quite impossible without being born again. This is the reason why we see this important concept of "Regeneration" discussed in John’s gospel and his epistle, as well as, the epistles of the apostles Paul, James and Peter. This doctrine of Regeneration, which simply means "generated again" or "born again", is a basic and Biblical doctrine of the Christian faith.

So, as contentious as it is, we must try to understand it – more importantly we must experience the reality of being spiritually born again.

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