Errors Of The Word Of Faith: Unveiling a Cleverly Concealed Lie (2019)

By Abiodun Jemilohun

This work is a continuation of the book entitled “Anatomy of the Prosperity Gospel”. The decision to make it a separate work was taken primarily to reduce the volume of the initial work for easy read and secondarily because the theology has a different origin and modus operandi than the Abundant Life Theology we examined in the first book.

Although the Word of Faith theology came into existence before the Abundant Life Theology, it became popular in less than 50 years ago (in the 1970s). Until then, it remained largely confined to the writings of E. W. Kenyon, an American Baptist Pastor.

The Word of Faith Theology espouses several concepts that were hitherto unknown in mainstream Christianity. These concepts have now become so popular that only someone who is well acquainted with church history can discern them as foreign to the Christian faith.

This volume is another genuine attempt to examine this theology under the searchlight of the holy scripture.

About the Author:
Abiodun Jemilohun is a Bible teacher in Nigeria who believes in the simplicity of the Gospel. He desires to see the Church submit unreservedly to the authority of the infallible Word of God in all ramifications. He works as a University Lecturer and a Consultant Gastroenterologist in Nigeria. He is married to Morenikeji and their union is blessed with three children: Folu, Tosin and Tolu. They all live in Nigeria.

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