The Papal And Hierarchial System (Compared With The Religion Of The New Testament)

By Joseph John Gurney

A remarkably exposing book written in the 1840's on the simplicity of the life of Christ residing and functioning in His Church - His body on earth - and the difference between that and the Church system of his day. It is just a relevant today in the church system we have today.

It will be helpful to note that the author indeed makes exposing allegations regarding the Roman Catholic Papacy but this book's content is much more than that. Interspersed within the subject content, he brings forth from the scripture riches in understanding related to God's design for the true Church. He also leaves no room for Protestant denominations to escape from scrutiny as well. The very core of the book is built on the plan of salvation which is richly and remarkably discussed. Note that in his writing style certain subjects are discussed in part which may seem objectionable to some but he often comes back to the subject in greater clarity so the reader may have to exercise a certain patience in apprehending what he is fully saying at times.

Filled with excellently handled scriptural references. A work of redemption.

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