The Jesus Family in Communist China

By Dr. D. Vaughan Rees

The challenging story of the Jesus Family, an indigenous Church that live a communal lifestyle in China about the time of the Communist takeover. You will be inspired and challenged by the testimony held in this book. The Introduction itself, promoted to future missions that followed to consider the concept of the 'indigenous church,' a concept which is widely used today.

One might say that this book, though dated, is perhaps a defacto manual for today's Christians when considering the outcome of a complete and antagonistic government takeover of a country or even the entire world. You are heartily encouraged to read it and prayerfully consider what God may be saying to us in our day through it.

NOTE: This book is an unofficial copy created from free flowing text derived from scans of the original which has been out of print for over 4 decades now. It is presented here for NON-COMMERCIAL, EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!

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