Why The Devil Gave Us The Modern Pastoral Office (2017)

By David Oludairo

The concept of one man ruling over the assembly, one man ruling over the Church in a city, and one man ruling over the entire Church in the world is almost as old as the Roman Empire itself and patterned after that Empire which merged with Christianity in the 4th century. It is a concept that is altogether unknown in the Church of the first century. Although almost universally embraced today, what was God's design for HIS Church? Was it the present system of one man ruling or was it a quorum of those more mature in the faith (elders) as servants and examples to the flock relying upon the unity of the Holy Spirit in their midst to even function?

The author of this ePamphlet approaches the "tabu" subject of the singular pastor led church gathering... He makes some penetrating points from scripture going for the jugular vein of this heresy... Well worth reading and considering further study. - Paul Rapoza

Part 1 Explains how the DOMINANT position of a pastor, as we know it today, is a satanic invention that has slowly drained spiritual life and vitality from our Christian fellowship.
Part 2 Posits that A TEAM OF ELDERS is God's ONLY approved form of leadership for a Christian assembly, and outlines the composition and responsibilities of elders in a church.
Part 3 Explains how and why a team of elders may not have a distinct leader in running a church on behalf of Jesus Christ.
Part 4 The concluding part of this series will attempt to answer some questions that have arisen from this series on church leadership.

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