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After serving in Vietnam as a mortarman in the 1st Calvary Division in 1968, Bill returned home to a divided country. In 1969, he was saved during the “Jesus Movement”. Over the years he has served as a Bible teacher, pastor, writer, founder of “Vets With a Mission” - a missionary and humanitarian ministry to Vietnam, and now as a watchman on the proverbial wall. He is a prolific writer with a deep burden for God’s people and the critical challenges facing them and the contemporary church in these last days.

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  • Messiah, The Ekklesia And The Kingdom Of God, The (2024) By William R. Kimball
    Rest assured, there is indeed something happening around the world and it is taking place largely under the radar of the established church. This "happening" is not spectacular, sensational, or grandiose. Instead, it is largely subtle, low-key, and unobserved by the natural eye. Those who are involved in this quiet happening are unassuming believers content to serve in obscurity without self-promotion, spiritual posturing, or fanfare. Yet, they are experiencing this "happening" in their hearts and minds in a profound way... (Click Title for more info)

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