Author: Matthew Arin Adams

Matthew Arin Adams IMAGE Matthew Arin Adams was born on 2 February, 1950. His zeal for the propagation of the gospel gave birth to a movement tagged "Faith by Hearing". The peculiarity of this movement is the spread of the audio Bible everywhere and in diverse languages.

He believes in the supremacy of the Holy Spirit in the life of every believer over and above human ideologies and religious traditions. He firmly calls for the power of the Holy Spirit to be functional in the distinct ministry of every believer.

Currently, brother Adams lives in Jos, a city in North-central Nigeria, where he faithfully runs an evangelistic ministry, "Boiling Point Gospel Centre".

Brother Adams is married, blessed with children of Heavenly decent.

TITLES: (available for free download)

  • Kingdom Perspective And Orientation Of The Gospel, The - From: "Everyday With The Holy Spirit Vol.2" (2018) By Matthew Arin Adams
    There is no contention about the possibility of Christ’s coming to set up a Kingdom on earth. There are over 110 scriptures referencing the Kingdom. John the Baptist, Jesus and His disciples (Including Paul) all preached the Kingdom. Why the repeated mention of the Kingdom by our Lord Jesus? The emphasis cannot just be ordinary or accidental. Let us now consider where it is coming from and how relevant it is. (Challenging insights into the Kingdom of God)

  • New Orientation Devotional (2022) By Matthew Arin Adams - Compiled and edited by Ebinen G. Dicey
    This devotional contains short messages compiled from the author's daily posts on his blog. It expresses the spirit and drive of the author, calling lost souls back to God, wandering believers back to genuine faith and reliance on God, and aimless ministers back to the original purpose of God for their calling in the ministry. All of these require a new orientation that is of the Holy Spirit and by the Holy Spirit.

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