Author: E. G. Dicey

Ebinen Gogo Dicey IMAGE Ebinen Gogo Dicey commonly known as Ebi-Dicey Gogo, was born in Port-Harcourt on 14th May 1978. He had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ in 1999.

He was raised up in the teachings of Christian Science. However in 1999 he had a revolutionary encounter with Jesus Christ that upset all his beliefs and helped him see Jesus Christ in the light of the scriptures; something quite different from what is portrayed by Mary Baker Eddy in the Science and Health. He is a firm believer in the hypostatic union i.e. the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ. Embracing this belief was not just a matter of accepting something conventional but of a distinct personal revelation.

Currently, He lives in Jos, North-Central Nigeria with his wife, Gloria Omayi Dicey and his adopted daughter Anna and is involved in evangelistic teaching, preaching, writing and one-on-one witnessing.

The "Christian Evangel" is his first publication.

He can be contacted at:

Facebook (Ebi-Dicey Gogo)

TITLES: (available for free download)

  • The Christian Evangel: Pillars of the Christian Faith (2021) By E. G. Dicey
    Five aspects of biblical faith considered to be pillars of the Christian Faith are treated in this book. They include; Repentance, Forgiveness, Justification, Sanctification and the gift of the Holy Spirit. These five subjects bring about what may be termed ‘The Alchemy’ (the power that transforms from the effect of the lower life impaired by sin into the higher life in God’s holiness - subjects about which too many confusing details have been written by a litany of authors too numerous to name in any meaningful sense. But here is a largely unknown author in the Christian faith whose short but expressive book written on these subjects has helped to deliver others from the befuddlement many other writers on the subject have subjected them to over a period of time.

  • Partaking Of The Lord’s Table: The Everlasting Bread (2022) By E. G. Dicey
    This book is written under the weight of the responsibility to feed the flock of Christ. At the heart of its entire message lies a dual purpose of bringing sinners to the obedience of saving faith in Christ Jesus and establishing the saints in saving faith unto sanctification. God grant that through this short piece of work, sinners will come to repentance and faith in Christ Jesus and the saints will find nourishment to be established in the true doctrines of the faith. Amen!

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