Author: David Oludairo

David Oludairo IMAGE David Oludairo if originally from Nigeria but living in the UK now. He is a very intense Christian that is passionate about the Kingdom of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. His insights on scripture, particularly related to the words of Jesus, tend to cut to the heart of the very core of what it means to follow Jesus.

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  • Take No Thought For Tomorrow: What did Jesus mean? (2020)
    (An in-depth study of Matthew 6:24-34)
    By David Oludairo
    “TAKE THEREFORE NO THOUGHT for the morrow….”, with this clear instruction, Jesus concluded the radical teaching we read in Matthew 6:24-34. This instruction lays the foundation for some of the challenging conditions that Jesus would later prescribe for all that aspire to follow Him as disciples. “Forsake ALL that you have….” (Luke 14:33). “Sell your possessions, and give to the needy….” (Luke 12:33). And so on. This 21-Day study of Matthew 6:24-34 explores the deep meaning of the passage, and challenges us to learn to TRUST GOD completely - if we want to truly follow Jesus Christ.

  • Why The Devil Gave Us The Modern Pastoral Office (2017) By David Oludairo
    The concept of one man ruling over the assembly, one man ruling over the Church in a city, and one man ruling over the entire Church in the world is almost as old as the Roman Empire itself and patterned after that Empire which merged with Christianity in the 4th century. It is a concept that is altogether unknown in the Church of the first century. Although almost universally embraced today, what was God's design for HIS Church? Was it the present system of one man ruling or was it a quorum of those more mature in the faith (elders) as servants and examples to the flock relying upon the unity of the Holy Spirit in their midst to even function?

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