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This is an online library set up to store and distribute eBooks and Webpages of material related to the subject of the "Restoration" of the Church of Jesus Christ. If a title is here, it is not a 100% endorsement but rather that the material has more than sufficient value to be read. Unless otherwise noted (as in separate collections attached with different distribution terms), the ebooks in this library are freely available to download and distribute to friends for educational NON-COMMERCIAL use in their unaltered state. Any suggestions or question? Use the "Contact" button in the menu at the top of each page...

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coverBrokenness (2015)
By: William Furioso
We human beings naturally perceive weakness and insecurity to be a "problem." I believe that we can see from Scripture that weakness and insecurity can actually be a blessing. It is an opportunity to access the life and strength of Jesus Christ. When we offer our weakness and insecurity, allowing Him to touch and heal, we are not merely "restored" to what human beings normally perceive as being "well-adjusted." That's not "good enough" to please God. He actually wants to touch our areas of weakness and insecurity and leave SOMETHING OF HIMSELF that goes far beyond merely being "well-adjusted."
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PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of the TC-LIB.org Collection, all the below are also in our searchable database that is accessible from the menu at the top of each page in "Titles" and "Titles Plus" lists.
  • Africa/Nigeria Collection
    This is a compilation of ebooks written by African/Nigerian authors and in a sense is a sample of the quality of the present move of God there to restore the New Testament Church and the Truth. It would be safe to say that without their precious participation in the building up of this library, this library would not have attained the attention nor the level of downloads it has gotten over the years.
  • AtChristsTable.org Collection
    This is a separate large collection of 45+ ebooks and epamphlets included in our main library written by William and Frances Furioso that are a treasure chest for those desiring to go deeper into the Lord. The author digs into scriptural subjects with countless footnotes for study. Our library hosts his ebooks for mutual use.
  • Richard E. Bieber Collection
    This is a partial collection of some of the eBooks and writings of Richard E. Bieber (1927-2021), a servant of the Lord whose prolific writings have spanned six decades. He left a legacy of countless powerful messages that encourage, inspire, and convict "People of the Way" to enter into the presence of the Living God and to mirror the image of the precious Lord Jesus, bringing his life to this hurt and broken world.
  • aWildernessVoice.com Collection
    This is a separate collection of 15 ebooks included in our main library written by George Davis, Michael Clark, Kokichi Kurosaki and William Law for those desiring to go deeper into the Lord.
  • TC-LIB.org Collection
    This is a separate collection of 24 ebooks written by or about the early missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands during the 1800's. These are restored texts chronicling in part one of the most powerful moves of God of the 1800's.


NOTE: For a full list of titles, click/tap on the menu item at the top of each page, "Titles" OR with descriptions, "Titles Plus." Below is a short list of some of the recent additions to the library which will be updated as needed.

ADDED: 2024-01-22

coverWatchman’s Word, A - Timely Challenges for God’s People And The Contemporary Church (2024)
By: William R. Kimball
Rest assured, there is indeed something happening around the world and it is taking place largely under the radar of the established church. This "happening" is not spectacular, sensational, or grandiose. Instead, it is largely subtle, low-key, and unobserved by the natural eye. Those who are involved in this quiet happening are unassuming believers content to serve in obscurity without self-promotion, spiritual posturing, or fanfare. Yet, they are experiencing this "happening" in their hearts and minds in a profound way...
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ADDED: 2024-01-15

coverChanged: A Closer Look At Things Relating To Conversion (2024)
By: William Furioso
Written for teachers, seekers, and proselytes, this book addresses the foundational doctrines of biblical Christianity by taking A Closer Look at Things Relating to Conversion: "The Drawing of the Holy Spirit", "Repentance", "Coming to Faith in God", "The Meaning of Baptism", "Receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit", and "You Must Be Born Again"...
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ADDED: 2023-12-29

coverContract's Trap, The (2023)
By: John Emmanuel
The time is short, the end is near, some contractors are being contracted to pull down careless young men and women. In this christian fiction book, you will meet the contractor and their targets. May you find the motivation to pray for our young persons after reading this...
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ADDED: 2023-12-02

coverNew Testament Church (2023)
By: Dayo S. Alamu
To not understand the mind of the Lord in scripture concerning His Church is to delve into the controlling of the churches by man, unregulated by God Himself. Many have written on a specific facet or two of the pattern of the New Testament assembly but often get myopic in their views and never ending up able to communicate the whole picture of that pattern. The author in this book has certainly done justice to all facets of the New Testament Church by incorporating all the necessary ingredients in one book...
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