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John Emmanuel IMAGE This is a directory set up to store and distribute eBooks and writings of John Emmanuel. John Emmanuel is from Ilorin, Nigeria and presently lives in Ikorodu.

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  • THE TWELFTH BATTALION - A Prose (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By John Ayomide)
    An absolutely remarkable ebook that tells a story (as prose) of a young woman that decides to join an elite military battalion and her struggles that somewhat mirror the life, struggles and dedication of those that decide to follow Christ. This is a short ebook that captures the reader's attention and brings home the reality of walking in Christ in each chapter! May the Lord use it to encourage lives.

  • THE SINNER'S RACE (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    A delightful small ebook (26 pages in paperback format) that tells a story of a young boy's temptations that he faces on his way to being in Christ as he grows up. It uses the format of a screen play to present the truth of the gospel in a unique way. Great to read and also great to use as a Gospel drama script. It captures the reality of the road to Christ in each chapter! May the Lord use it to encourage lives.

  • SEED OF GREATNESS (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    This ebook is a prose or story of fiction intended to bring out a message. It is a story of a Nigerian husband and wife with two children who answered the call to be missionaries in Ghana. Along the way they experienced miracles from God to make their journey possible. There is joy when we remain in the will of God. Men will not understand what God is demanding from you because God's will for your life is personal to you. Don't live to please men, LIVE TO PLEASE GOD!

  • EVANGELISM: YOU TOO CAN! - A simple guide to soul winning (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    Having been permitted of God to train some brethren on evangelism, we believe the basic thoughts shared in those training can serve as a guide for people who desire to obey the Lord Jesus' instruction on evangelism. "And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature [of the whole human race]" Mark 16:15.

  • MEN LIKE TIMOTHY (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    In the course of Paul’s missionary journey, he passed through many cities. In one of such cities, he met a teenage boy named Timothy. The Bible introduced Timothy to us as a disciple. The Bible writer, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit was not careless in his choice of word. The teenage boy was called a disciple. This speaks volume! Timothy was a personal disciple of Jesus. He had met the Lord and had taken the yoke of Christ upon himself. The one true test of a disciple is that such a person must have responded to the personal call of Jesus for his/her life.

  • THE DIVORCÉE (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    This e-book is a one act Play which mirrors the need for a christian to be separated from the devil,sin and worldly lust. It gives an account of the struggle of Esther who sued her husband for a divorce. Find out more in the e book.

  • YOU TOO CAN READ AND UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    The men that God moved to put down His Word which was handed down to us as the bible had a certain goal in mind. Their goal was to bring to us that which God Himself has revealed about Himself, His dealings with humanity, His nature and all He wants us to know about Himself. All you need to know about God to prepare you for this present life and hereafter can be found in the Bible.

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