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John Emmanuel IMAGE This is a directory set up to store and distribute eBooks and writings of John Emmanuel. John Emmanuel is from Ilorin, Nigeria and presently lives in Ikorodu.

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  • EVANGELISM: YOU TOO CAN! - A simple guide to soul winning (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    Having been permitted of God to train some brethren on evangelism, we believe the basic thoughts shared in those training can serve as a guide for people who desire to obey the Lord Jesus' instruction on evangelism. "And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature [of the whole human race]" Mark 16:15.

  • MEN LIKE TIMOTHY (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    In the course of Paul’s missionary journey, he passed through many cities. In one of such cities, he met a teenage boy named Timothy. The Bible introduced Timothy to us as a disciple. The Bible writer, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit was not careless in his choice of word. The teenage boy was called a disciple. This speaks volume! Timothy was a personal disciple of Jesus. He had met the Lord and had taken the yoke of Christ upon himself. The one true test of a disciple is that such a person must have responded to the personal call of Jesus for his/her life.

  • YOU TOO CAN READ AND UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    The men that God moved to put down His Word which was handed down to us as the bible had a certain goal in mind. Their goal was to bring to us that which God Himself has revealed about Himself, His dealings with humanity, His nature and all He wants us to know about Himself. All you need to know about God to prepare you for this present life and hereafter can be found in the Bible.

    • ÌWỌ NÁÀ LÈ KA BÍBÉLÌ, KÍ O SÌ YE O (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
      (Yoruba Version) Ti o ba wa ati mọ Ọlọrun fun ara rẹ, iwọ yoo nilo lati loye Bibeli. Ati pe o ko le loye Bibeli ti o ko ba ka. Àmọ ṣá o, àwọn ọkùnrin tí Ọlọrun sún lokan soke láti kọ ìwé Bíbélì sílẹ̀ lero pé ẹnikẹni nínú wa ti yóò kà, yio lóye ohun tí Ọlọrun ru wọn láti kọ. Ninu Bibeli, iwọ yoo rii kedere awọn ero Ọlọrun fun ẹda eniyan, funrararẹ ati awọn aye ti mbọ. Bíbélì mú ká sún mọ Ọlọrun ju bí a ṣe lè rí lọ. Ninu Bibeli, Ọlọrun ni a fun ni aaye gbogi rẹ ati pe Jesu tikararẹ fi han wa ni kikun ti ogo Rẹ. Fun apẹẹrẹ, Bibeli ko sọ fun wa nipa wiwa Jesu si aiye lati ku fun awọn ẹṣẹ wa nikan. Bibeli ṣe afihan iṣẹ-iranṣẹ ti Jesu nse lọwọlọwọ ati ogo nipa fun wa ni kedere.

  • PAUL'S OPPORTUNITY COST - Paul's Alternative Forgone, That He May Know Christ (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    There is nothing to be compared with the joy of knowing Christ Jesus. However, the Bible is filled with the account of several men and women who refused to let go of objects, ideas and systems they value at the detriment of an opportunity to know God. From people like Lot's wife, who turned back and became a pillar of salt, to the rich young ruler, who wept bitterly while rejecting an opportunity to become an ambassador of God on earth. Those who find Christ at the expense of alternatives forgone always end up as Christ ambassadors on earth, for he that is joined to the Lord is spiritually united to Him.

  • THE GATEKEEPERS OF HEAVEN ON EARTH (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    The gatekeepers of heaven on earth are men who by the Spirit of God have been prepared for spiritual exploits. They are men who share in the passion of Elijah who had only one identity that, "he was a man of God!" In this book, we will glean from the footprint of Elijah, even as it is but a reflection of the greatest Custodian of heaven who ever walked on earth, our Lord Jesus. May the Spirit of Christ witness to your spirit.

  • ARISE [TAKE HIS PLACE] (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    There are many great things that many men have done for God in the past. Men Like Apostle Paul gave us more than half of the books of the New Testament via the revelation of God's Spirit upon his life. Yet, death came for him. Many men and women of God could not do more than we are reading about them because death terminated their labour. Beloved of God, death is an instrument that retires a man or woman from this world. Will you work for God today or will you wait till death terminates you?

  • BEHOLD THE CHRIST - His Person, His Purpose and His Mandate! (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    Several messages, opinions and teachings have been preached about the person of Christ our Savior. We must not be ignorant of His person and the purpose for which He entered into our world. If we do not know the person of the King of glory and the reason for His coming, we will not truly appreciate all that God Himself has wrought in Christ Jesus.

  • THE VICTORY OF ACTS CHAPTER FIFTEEN - Contending For The Once For All Faith (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    There is no new thing we can add to the faith. To do so is to attempt to pull down the ancient landmark. The Bible warns us not to attempt such; We must thank God for Acts 15. That passage of scripture serves as an eternal reminder of what in simple terms the Christian faith is all about; 1. How is a man saved? 2. What is the relationship between the Christian and the Law of Moses? 3. When it comes to the matter of our faith, who is (are) the highest authority?

  • A MAN SUBJECT TO AUTHORITY (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    Luke 7:8 - For I also am a man [daily] subject to authority, with soldiers under me. And I say to one, Go, and he goes; and to another, Come, and he comes; and to my bond servant, Do this, and he does it. The word spoken in the book of Luke 7:8 was not from the mouth of a Jewish Rabbi. It wasn't even one of Jesus' disciples who made this declaration. Rather, it was an uncircumcised Gentile who made the statement that became the greatest utterance of faith ever spoken in Canaan.

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  • THE SINNER'S RACE (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    A delightful small ebook (26 pages in paperback format) that tells a story of a young boy's temptations that he faces on his way to being in Christ as he grows up. It uses the format of a screen play to present the truth of the gospel in a unique way. Great to read and also great to use as a Gospel drama script. It captures the reality of the road to Christ in each chapter! May the Lord use it to encourage lives.

  • THE DIVORCÉE (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    This e-book is a one act Play which mirrors the need for a christian to be separated from the devil,sin and worldly lust. It gives an account of the struggle of Esther who sued her husband for a divorce. Find out more in the e book.

  • TONGUES OF FIRE (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    Set in South West Nigeria Africa, Some Christian Youth observing the one year mandatory service to their nation encounters the power of darkness during their evangelism outreach to the village of Gbadega, will darkness prevail? Any Christian life that lacks the power of God is not a true Christian life. Being a Christian is being united with Christ Jesus. Jesus is the Most Powerful One. We can't keep quiet and let evil prevail when we carry the greatest armour, "The Tongues of Fire".

  • AGUNTAN ALABAWON - The Blemished Sheep (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    Several people have gone the path of Balaam. They have sought wisdom from dark places of this world propagating their own agenda forgetting that God's work can only be done in God's way. Unknown to such men and women, the sheep that walks with the dogs and wolves of this age will not only become blemished, such will one day definitely end up as meat for the wolf. The story in this book examined the desperation of men who are doing ministry without recourse for God's pattern in Christian labour.

  • THE TWO HITMEN AND THE THIRD (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    This Christian fiction explores the importance of trusting the Lord not only for salvation but also depending on the Lord for true safety. The child of God can experience God's leading even in all our day to day experiences. The book also explores the danger of coveting the wealth of men whose means of livelihood cannot be ascertained. At the end of the tunnel, there is redemption for those who come to Jesus. Those who reject Him are forever gone.

  • A NEW SWORD - A PLAY (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    "Ishbi-benob, who was of the sons of the giants, the weight of whose spear was 300 shekels of bronze, was girded with a new sword, and thought to kill David." 2 Samuel 21:16... God is always interested in the marital decisions of his children. In this drama, Jude a young man is faced with choosing between God's choice and another offer that looks too good to be true. Does God impose His will on anyone? Will the new sword of the uncircumcised Philistines do any good than wreck havoc? Find out as you read.

  • STUNTED GROWTH (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    Stunted Growth is a Christian fiction which explores the danger of denying young people an opportunity to know the Lord. There are predators out there targeting young and naive teenagers in our days. The home remains the basic christian unit and when parents are not available to point their wards to Christ, they expose them to the preying eyes of the enemy of their souls.

  • DADDY'S GIRL (Because He Loves You) (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    The sensitive nature of this book is that it explores the life of Shalom, who ended up among those whom the Bible in Romans 1:26 describes as "exchanging natural relations for unnatural ones". Yet, no one is ever too far from the cross of Christ while they are still alive. It is my sincere prayers that as you read this story, you will remain persuaded that God has not called us to immoral unholy living.

  • DEAD BUT ALIVE (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    Gifts, sign and wonders are not enough to keep a man in check. Every child of God has a calling to live out the holiness life that we have been called into by the life of Christ. Those who give me themselves to pleasures are dead while alive. In this book you will meet several characters including Williams who failed to heed to the eternal admonition that those who nameth the name of the Lord must depart from iniquity.

  • GBANGBADEKUN - THE REGRET (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    Fleeing youthful lust is never one of the options we have. It is a must that as children of God, christian students in institutions of higher learning across the globe cannot afford to give in to the lawlessness of this age. Several lives have been cut short since evil communications always corrupt good manners There is a time when it becomt too late to repent, may that not be the story of our young people.

  • THE CONTRACT'S TRAP (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    The time is short, the end is near, some contractors are being contracted to pull down careless young men and women. In this christian fiction book, you will meet the contractor and their targets. May you find the motivation to pray for our young persons after reading this.

  • DECLARED BANKRUPT (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    If only they were in tune with the Spirit. They had left their altar of fellowship with the Spirit of God before then. In fact, FOLA BARNABAS had been declared spiritually bankrupt by heaven. We were only hoping he would retrace his steps before that day. And you see, when the leader is sick, the members will be in coma. Find out why this statement was made as you read thus book.

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  • THE TWELFTH BATTALION - A Prose (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By John Ayomide)
    An absolutely remarkable ebook that tells a story (as prose) of a young woman that decides to join an elite military battalion and her struggles that somewhat mirror the life, struggles and dedication of those that decide to follow Christ. This is a short ebook that captures the reader's attention and brings home the reality of walking in Christ in each chapter! May the Lord use it to encourage lives.

  • SEED OF GREATNESS (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    This ebook is a prose or story of fiction intended to bring out a message. It is a story of a Nigerian husband and wife with two children who answered the call to be missionaries in Ghana. Along the way they experienced miracles from God to make their journey possible. There is joy when we remain in the will of God. Men will not understand what God is demanding from you because God's will for your life is personal to you. Don't live to please men, LIVE TO PLEASE GOD!

  • GONE WITH THE GODS (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    Gone with the Gods is a story that revolves around the life of Kamal a new convert into Christianity. It explores how several folks who claimed to have met Christ are living a double standard life devoid of holiness, mercy and love. It also speaks of God's divine interruption which sometimes we may not understand but we must rejoice because all things will definitely work together for those who love the Lord and are called according to His good pleasures. Read and be blessed.

  • THE ASSIGNMENT - A Prose (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    Nkechi had opportunity to walk away from the consequences of her carelessness but she refused to allow the full counsel of God to prevail. God's mercy found her but how will she balance her busy life with the assignment God has given her. Every Christian parent must know that they have a responsibility to raise their children for the Lord. May the Lord use this story to encourage many lives.

  • THE STRANGE MAKER - Baba Ara (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    This book is a Christian fiction set in South West Nigeria, which explores the woe of forsaking God to seek help from idols. it mirror's the challenges of the unmarried including peer pressure, deception and wrong advice which those who do not wait on God do face.

  • BECOMING GOD'S WILL (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    Several young Christians today aren’t sure whether God still chooses for his own when it comes to the matter of marriage. Others think it is better for them to marry unbelievers rather than marry a child of God who approaches them with "I was led to you by God" cliché. Discernment and biblical wisdom are offered for single believers at the junction of waiting on the Lord for their spouses. While the unmarried must seek the will of God in marriage, every children of God must themselves become God’s Will.

  • I THIRST (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    "I Thirst" was the cry of the Savior on the cross. Yet the Bible tells us that men who enter eternity without Jesus will continue to wail. This story is the story of an unnamed young man who discovered the meaning of “I Thirst" in a hard way. Dear friend, may you not read this book and still not be ready for eternity!

  • VAIN GLORY (Ogo Asan) (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    When God extended his saving grace to Andrew the son of an idolater, Andrew wasn't just saved, God saved him that he may fulfill God's counsel in His generation. In this book, we will be exploring Andrew's progression in the faith, the danger of working for God without knowing God and the role of Christian teachers in helping sustain revivals in students fellowship. It is our prayer that in reading this book you will be encouraged in your Christian journey.

  • LARA ALONGE (2023) By John Emmanuel (Edited By Ayomide John)
    The believer cannot afford to be influenced by the people of the world. Not all friendships are profiting. Several things unbelievers will attempt and it will appear such evil has no consequences, if a child of God tries it, it will back fire. We must not be covetous, greedy or careless as children of God. This book tells the story if Lara Alonge with the warning that we all should watch how we live our lives.

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