By John Emmanuel

There are many great things that many men have done for God in the past. Men Like Apostle Paul gave us more than half of the books of the New Testament via the revelation of God's Spirit upon his life. Yet, death came for him. Many men and women of God could not do more than we are reading about them because death terminated their labour.

Beloved of God, death is an instrument that retires a man or woman from this world. Will you work for God today or will you wait till death terminate you? No one in this dispensation will ever complete all of God's work on earth, yet, there is an apportioned lot for each of us which is time based. If you will not function in God's mandate for your life before death comes, you will be ashamed in eternity. Today, as you read this book, I pray you will be stirred to respond to the call to ARISE and do that which the Lord has committed into your hands.

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