PAUL'S OPPORTUNITY COST - Paul's Alternative Forgone, That He May Know Christ (2023)

By John Emmanuel

There is nothing to be compared with the joy of knowing Christ Jesus. However, the Bible is filled with the account of several men and women who refused to let go of objects, ideas and systems they value at the detriment of an opportunity to know God. From people like Lot's wife, who turned back and became a pillar of salt, to the rich young ruler, who wept bitterly while rejecting an opportunity to become an ambassador of God on earth. Those who find Christ at the expense of alternatives forgone always end up as Christ ambassadors on earth, for he that is joined to the Lord is spiritually united to Him.

Paul the apostle had to forgo some privileges and opportunities he enjoys for the sole aim of knowing Christ Jesus. In this book, which was born out of a study session with some brethren, we shall be considering all the alternative Paul had to let go of and we shall be making some applications as the Lord permit.

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