Men Like Timothy (2023)

By John Emmanuel

In the course of Paul’s missionary journey, he passed through many cities. In one of such cities, he met a teenage boy named Timothy. The Bible introduced Timothy to us as a disciple. The Bible writer, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit was not careless in his choice of word. The teenage boy was called a disciple. This speaks volume! Timothy was a personal disciple of Jesus. He had met the Lord and had taken the yoke of Christ upon himself. The one true test of a disciple is that such a person must have responded to the personal call of Jesus for his/her life.

Are you a Christian because your parents are Christians? Are you a christian because you own the membership card of a certain denomination? Do you think you are a Christian because you married a Christian? Are you even assuming you are a Christian because you were born in a Christian dominated country? None of the above makes you a Christian. To be a true Christian is to first of all have personally become a disciple of Jesus. This is not talking about attending a discipleship course program. It isn't even about being called a disciple of a famous man of God. You must become a disciple of Jesus!

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