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Frank McEleny was born and raised in Greenock, Scotland. He and his wife moved to the States when he was 26. He gave his life to Jesus at the age of 27. He attended Bible School in the United States. He writes for “A Call to the Remnant,” and has published over 700 articles. He was the moderator of a national prayer call for revival for two years and has been involved in various aspects of the revival ministry. He has helped moderate revival conferences and also has been a prayer co-ordinator. He initiated and helped organize the Greenock Revival Conference in 2008. He was ordained in 2013 by a small church in Oklahoma. He is also a published poet, publishing one hundred and fifty poems in the book entitled “A Poem for Every Psalm.” He also writes hymns and songs, many of the songs have been recorded. His website is He currently lives with his wife and grown son, who has Down Syndrome, in Kansas where he has lived for more than twenty years and works as a Real Estate Agent. You can find many of his poems at

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  • The Fall of Christendom and the Separation of the Remnant: Are you part of the remnant? (2012) By Frank McEleny
    A very thought provoking book that Lord can use to bring 'believers' to a clear choice. God has always had a remnant in all the centuries since Christ walked the earth. They were those that stood firm and did not compromise their faith to keep the security of their lifes. Likewise almost from the beginning of the Church, there has always been a majority that eventually got caught up in the strong currents of this world system. Often those who compromised became the greatest persecutors of the remnant that stood their ground in faith and love of their Lord. In this book, Frank McEleny has been enabled by the Lord to open up the windows of understanding and perhaps by your reading this you may find those windows opening into your own life.

  • 14 Marks Of A Genuine Saint (2020) By Frank McEleny
    In the following pages and points I want to speak to the magnificence of genuine Christianity. To be actually born again is the wonder of all the ages. Now, little men have torn away at it, counterfeited it and made religious establishments out of its truths. There has in recent decades been a rush to the bottom. Some call it nominal Christianity, others call it cheap grace, but now 'Christianity,' is measured by its lowest common denominator. As long as one 'confesses,' that one is saved then that one is accepted. This confession is more often than naught a mental assent to an abstract truth. The born-again man or woman is not just the wonder of our ages, they are the wonder of all existence. This is God’s plan in action. This is His expression of Himself through those whom He has literally transplanted into them a new heart.

  • Storms And Chains And Blinding Rains (2019) By Frank McEleny
    All of the poems in this book are written while in the midst of trial and tribulation. They come forth from the depths of the valley and they are raw. This collection is for anyone who has ever suffered or who is suffering. While they are written from the valley of the shadow of death, they will lead you to still waters and green pastures and bring hope to those who are suffering any kind of trial or loss. Every saint is called to walk the narrow road and it is a hard road and not for the faint of heart. May these poems be water to your soul as travel through the valleys.

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