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Dayo Stephen Alamu is a Nigerian author. Hundreds of his three books below (Paperback versions) have been and are being given away or sold for a very minimal cost for outreach in Nigeria. The first printings were paid for by donors. If you want to participate in that or contribute to the the next printing, he can be contacted at:

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  • One Body Many Churches - The Evils Of Denominationalism (2019) By Dayo S. Alamu
    The book, 'One Body, Many Churches: The Evils of Denominationalism' is one of the most edifying and informative reads on the subject matter written not just from the perspective of history, scholarship and theology, but from the view point of doctrine and sound exegesis. In this enrapturing piece, Dayo Stephen takes us through a walk on the origins of denominationalism...(Click on title to see full description)

  • The Simplicity That Is In Christ (2018) By Dayo Stephen Alamu
    It is obvious that Christianity has become complicated. Where did the complications come from? They are from the devil through man. The complications, complexities and confusions in Christianity today are as a result of the deceptions of the devil away from the simplicity that is in Christ. This book is all about the simplicity of both life and service of Christians as found in the Word of God against the complications introduced by the devil through the agent of the flesh. Read, digest and take proper actions.

  • Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel (2017) By Dayo Stephen Alamu & Ademola F. Abimbola
    A Classic Critique of Today's Popular Preachers in Nigeria. You will find in this book the truth of God's Word in contrast to teachings and practices prevalent, nowadays, among God's own people but which are contrary to what God truly says. As you will read in this book, we traced how the problem stems from many of the Nigerian popular preachers who, for selfish reasons, erred from the truth and copied these false teachings from their foreign counterparts in USA. Let us show you what you need to know more about: - Self-help and self-esteem philosophies, - Success Formulas, - Positive Confession, - Positive and Possibility Thinking, - Prosperity Gospel, - Ye-Are-God Doctrine, - Divine Healing Scandals, etc.

  • Truth Stumbles In The Streets (2020) By Dayo Stephen Alamu
    And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (Jn. 8:32). Jesus, who is “the truth” personified is WRONGLY presented to people. It is another Jesus our preachers are pointing people to. The truths Jesus spoke which the Apostles preached have also been compromised. What we hear preached today is another gospel. This small book takes you through some hard but important truths (that our preachers are hiding from us) which will set you free and build you up to become a very strong Christian.

  • Beware Of Old Prophets (2020) By Dayo Stephen Alamu
    One of the riskiest things to do is to want to learn from one's mistake, because one may not live to tell the story. It is safe and wise to learn from others’ mistakes. There are many people in the bible that we can learn from. This book is all about learning from the mistakes of some Bible characters. Therefore, before the same mistakes are repeated, let us learn from Jeroboam, the man of God from Judah and the old prophet; all from 1Kings 13

  • Spiritual Maturity (2020) By Dayo Stephen Alamu
    One of the biggest problems facing Christianity is the level of immaturity of the majority of those who claim to be Christians. Spiritual maturity has been reduced to just how long someone has been a believer, whereas, it “... is not reached by the passing of years, but by obedience to the will of God.” - Oswald Chambers... This book deals with spiritual maturity in its entirety. Reading through it will definitely be a transforming experience.

  • Prayer Gone Awry (2021) By Dayo S. Alamu & Ademola F. Abimbola
    Prayer today has become a serious issue in Christendom, especially in Nigeria. Huge volumes of prayers are offered every day, but little or no answer is received. Is it that God is so wicked that He does not want to answer our prayers or is it the intensity of our prayers that is not enough? Neither of the two! Prayer has only gone awry! As C.S. Lewis, says: “Prayer is either contact with God, or sheer illusion.” In other words, true prayer is impossible for an unbeliever and difficult for a carnal Christian. Only a spiritual Christian can truly pray. But much of praying is being witnessed in our day more than any previous generations. Is this generation of ours more spiritual than the ones before us? Who are these people praying? What are they praying about?

  • New Testament Church, The (2023) By Dayo S. Alamu
    To not understand the mind of the Lord in scripture concerning His Church is to delve into the controlling of the churches by man, unregulated by God Himself. Many have written on a specific facet or two of the pattern of the New Testament assembly but often get myopic in their views and never ending up able to communicate the whole picture of that pattern. The author in this book has certainly done justice to all facets of the New Testament Church by incorporating all the necessary ingredients in one book.

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