Prayer Gone Awry (2021)

By Dayo S. Alamu & Ademola F. Abimbola

Prayer today has become a serious issue in Christendom, especially in Nigeria. Huge volumes of prayers are offered every day, but little or no answer is received. Is it that God is so wicked that He does not want to answer our prayers or is it the intensity of our prayers that is not enough? Neither of the two! Prayer has only gone awry! As C.S. Lewis, says: “Prayer is either contact with God, or sheer illusion.” In other words, true prayer is impossible for an unbeliever and difficult for a carnal Christian. Only a spiritual Christian can truly pray. But much of praying is being witnessed in our day more than any previous generations. Is this generation of ours more spiritual than the ones before us? Who are these people praying? What are they praying about? This is a short book but well worth reading for insight into prayer.

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