Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel

By By Dayo Stephen Alamu & Ademola F. Abimbola

A Classic Critique of Today's Popular Preachers in Nigeria. You will find in this book the truth of God's Word in contrast to teachings and practices prevalent, nowadays, among God's own people but which are contrary to what God truly says.

As you will read in this book, we traced how the problem stems from many of the Nigerian popular preachers who, for selfish reasons, erred from the truth and copied these false teachmgs from their foreign counterparts in USA.

Let us show you what you need to know more about:

- Self-help and self-esteem philosophies
- Success Formulas
- Positive Confession
- Positive and Possibility Thinking
- Prosperity Gospel
- "Ye-Are-God" Doctrine
- Divine Healing Scandals, etc.

A classic critique of the preachers of Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel.

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