One Body Many Churches - The Evils Of Denominationalism

By Dayo S. Alamu

The book, 'One Body, Many Churches: The Evils of Denominationalism' is one of the most edifying and informative reads on the subject matter written not just from the perspective of history, scholarship and theology, but from the view point of doctrine and sound exegesis. In this enrapturing piece, Dayo Stephen takes us through a walk on the origins of denominationalism; he isolates the drivers of denominationalism in the early church history and compares them to the antecedents of the modern church. He does so, using a simple yet captivating literary style that is easy to follow and relate to practically. He vividly demonstrates to us the evils of this malady and draws useful reflections on the implications of remaining in this Babel construct within the context of endtime dispensational Bible truths.

Finally, Stephen offers practical recommendations for change and for reconnecting to the Apostolic traditions, God's endorsed pattern of worship in spirit, truth, oneness, togetherness and Christ-centric cell gatherings from place to place.

This is a must read for any believer with any atom of seriousness and commitment towards the faith and to God's end-time move.

More importantly, I recommend this book to all ministers of the Gospel. It has capacity to both awaken the hungry and sincere soul unto repentance and righteousness while aligning him back to God's original purpose for His church. Indeed, we're called to one body, one life, and one church. Hallelujah.
- Mark Godwin (Dr).

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