An Affectionate Appeal To Christendom (2012)

By William Law; Updated for the modern reader by Michael Clark

Aside from the scriptures, An Humble, Earnest, And Affectionate Address To The Clergy of William Law is indisputably among the most spiritually influential of all literary compositions.Men like Charles Wesley, George Whitefield, William Wilberforce, Henry Venn, Thomas Scott, Andrew Murray, and Watchman Nee, were a few of the untold thousands who were directly or indirectly influenced by it. That impact is still felt today....Of all William law's writings, we consider his "Affectionate Appeal" to be the most important. It contains his finial appeal to Christendom. In it he sets forth what he considered to be the most urgent need of the 18th century Church. And if you take the time to read it I am sure you will conclude, as we have, that this address yet speaks to our most pressing need."--From the Introduction by George Davis


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