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Richard E. Bieber IMAGE This is a partial collection of some of the eBooks and writings of Richard E. Bieber (1927-2021), a servant of the Lord whose prolific writings have spanned six decades. He passed into the Lord’s hands on Monday December 27, 2021.

He left a legacy of countless powerful messages that encourage, inspire, and convict “People of the Way” to enter into the presence of the Living God and to mirror the image of the precious Lord Jesus, bringing his life to this hurt and broken world.

Some of his writings hosted at this library are listed below. You are also welcomed and encouraged to visit the "Maranatha Mirror Messages" website for a much larger collection of his writings:


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Respect the author’s generosity. Although his writings are made freely available, please don’t take credit for the writings or use the writings for financial gain or soliciting funds. Any quotations or reproductions should cite "Richard E. Bieber" as the author.

TITLES: (available for free download)

  • Escape From Christendom (1980) By Richard E. Bieber
    A remarkably inspiring short book presented as a dream. The Journey to the City of God: the Wilderness of Forgiveness, the Wilderness of Worship, the Wilderness of Prayer, the Harvest, the Vision, Two Revivals... (Click on title to see full description)

  • THE CHURCH IN THIS CITY - What Will Bring Unity To Jesus' Disciples? By Richard E. Bieber
    Those who claim to be branches on a single Vine live in a hundred different worlds... But we can be sure that the laborers God sends will be one. They will not be competing. They won’t be at each other’s throats. Their very unity will be a sign to the world of the reality of our Christ... (Click on title to see full description)

  • HIS VOICE HIS WORDS By Richard E. Bieber
    When God chooses to make his voice heard, we hear. When God chooses to speak to us, he uses words that are so simple and clear that a child can understand. Signs and wonders are impressive. God is known to us only when we hear that voice from beyond, only. His words. Only his words... (Click on title to see full description)

  • WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM By Richard E. Bieber
    One Sunday morning, while visiting my home town, I decided to attend the family church. What a shock to find the place was closed up tight! No cars in the lot. Not a soul in sight. It’s happening all over the country. Congregations are shrinking. Churches are dying... (Click on title to see full description)

    At the final hour, when the Lord Jesus receives his church into glory, it will be a church in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing - holy and without blemish. But where on earth at this hour do we see anything that faintly resembles such a church?.. (Click on title to see full description)

  • SPIRITUAL POWER - For The Underground Church By Richard E. Bieber
    This people which God is now calling out of the lives they've been living – out of the allegiances they have formerly had – will be a burning witness to the reality of the living God, to the lordship of Jesus the Messiah, and to the presence on earth, right now, of God's Holy Spirit... (Click on title to see full description)

  • PEOPLE OF THE WORD - A Handbook For The Underground Church By Richard E. Bieber
    The nations of the earth are about to be shaken with a message from God so powerful that the whole world system will tremble. This message will arouse violent opposition. It will also cause many, who never gave God a second thought, to fall on their faces in repentance.... (Click on title to see full description)

  • PRELUDE TO THE END By Richard E. Bieber
    We are not here to play church, turned in on our own fellowship, or on our own righteousness. God keeps us here to call the world to repentance, offering them a new life in Christ. All in preparation for the coming of the Lord and His Kingdom. The question we must ask ourselves; is our heart set on the things of this world or on the Kingdom?... (Click on title to see full description)

  • JESUS ONLY By Richard E. Bieber
    In the temple of your own heart it is no longer Jesus alone on the throne, ruling without rival. It's Jesus side-by-side with your pet doctrine. Jesus side-by-side with your favorite thing about the Holy Spirit. Jesus side-by-side with your advanced view of the church. When we talk about Jesus we're not talking about a mere prophet. We are not talking about some genius among men. We're talking about God the Son in human flesh, by whom the worlds were made - the Holy One. You don't put him side-by-side with anyone. He is above all.... (Click on title to see full description)

    What's needed in the man or woman who professes belief in Jesus but who is bearing no fruit, bereft of joy, is not a touch here or an adjustment there – but new life. And there's only one place from which this new life can come: from on high, from God. To see a town or city or neighborhood, which for generations showed no signs of the redemptive presence of God begin to blossom forth with men and women of faith – the shops, schools, factories, homes and streets. This is what happens when the Spirit of God is poured upon us from on high.... (Click on title to see full description)

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