By Richard E. Bieber

What's needed in the man or woman who professes belief in Jesus but who is bearing no fruit, bereft of joy, is not a touch here or an adjustment there – but new life. And there's only one place from which this new life can come: from on high, from God.

God has to pour out His Spirit and make the desert of our dry flesh bloom into a fruitful field.

To see an assembly of believers which for years and years and years went through religious forms, quoted scripture, sang words of other people's testimony, but were dead; suddenly come under an anointing of God.... to see those lives change – genuine praise coming forth from those lips, those clenched hands opening up with generosity and giving blessings to those around them.....

To see a town or city or neighborhood, which for generations showed no signs of the redemptive presence of God begin to blossom forth with men and women of faith – the shops, schools, factories, homes and streets.... this is what happens when the Spirit of God is poured upon us from on high.

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