SPIRITUAL POWER - For The Underground Church

By Richard E. Bieber

The Spirit of God is now laying hold of A PEOPLE who are scattered over the earth and doing to this ENTIRE PEOPLE exactly what he did to his prophets of old – wrenching them out of what might be called a "normal" human life, assuming possession of all the things they thought of in the past as their own, and giving them but one thing as their own: his Word.

This prophetic people whom God is now raising up will bring that Word of God to bear on the whole earth before its judgment hour, even as the prophets brought God's word to bear on Israel.

This people will be in sharp contrast to the uninspired, flat, loveless, cowardly, vain, self-indulgent crowd which has claimed to be the church in so many places for so long.

This people which God is now calling out of the lives they've been living – out of the allegiances they have formerly had – will be a burning witness to the reality of the living God, to the lordship of Jesus the Messiah, and to the presence on earth, right now, of God's Holy Spirit.

No one will be able to withstand their word – for it will be verily God's word. They will be hated as the prophets were. despised, often killed. But the more violently the world comes against their message, the more awesome their message will become, until suddenly the Messiah they proclaim will appear and their job will be completed.

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