THE CHURCH IN THIS CITY - What Will Bring Unity To Jesus' Disciples?

By Richard E. Bieber

Yet followers of Jesus in this city manifest no unity. The business community, labor groups, musicians, revolutionaries, and even garden enthusiasts are aware of each other in their common bond. But those who claim to be branches on a single Vine live in a hundred different worlds....

There is a place in the harvest for every single one of us. God will show us where it is, And when we get out there we will always find saints we never knew before. We will see God’s hand at work in them too and we will have to praise him.

And we can be sure that the laborers God sends will be one. They will not be competing. They won’t be at each other’s throats. Their very unity will be a sign to the world of the reality of our Christ.

May God help us to come together where it counts. Saved by the death of his Son, washed in the blood of the Lamb, may we come together before God’s throne and worship. May we come together where the walls still stand and tear them down. And may we stick like a brother to every disciple of Jesus we meet out there in the harvest, no matter where he comes from.

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