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“... combining spiritual thoughts with spiritual words.”  (1 Corinthians 2:13)

A writing / teaching ministry from Bill and Frances Furioso

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  • Apostolic Teaching
    Apostolic adjective teaching, based on the apostles noun teaching recorded in the Scriptures is an absolutely necessary and sorely lacking genre and quality of teaching having a particular approach and... (Click Title)
  • Christ is Pre-requisite to Church
    Christ is the Head of the Body, the Church. We cannot discern the Body until we first discern the Head. We cannot understand the mystery of the Church until we understand the mystery of Christ. Jesus... (Click Title)
  • Discipleship & The Equipping Ministries
    Ephesians 4:7, 11-12 tells us that Jesus gave certain gifts to men and gave certain men as gifts to the Church. Something that is important for us to understand is this: In building His Church, Jesus blesses men – not methods... (Click Title)
  • Foundation Of The Apostles & Prophets, The
    In this article, I am focusing on the adjectives, “apostolic” and “prophetic”, rather than the nouns, “apostle” and “prophet”. My goal is a more Christ-centered perspective and understanding of the phrase, “the foundation... (Click Title)
  • Laying THE Foundation
    The apostle Paul wrote: "As a wise master builder, I laid a Foundation." For about 50 years I have pursued wisdom on what it means to "lay the Foundation of Christ" through discipleship. This publication... (Click Title)

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  • Breaking of Bread, The
    Acts 2:37-42 shows us that we are to repent, be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit AND to continue steadfastly in the apostles' teaching and the breaking of bread together. This short ebook is about: BREAKING OF BREAD TOGETHER... (Click Title)
  • “Colony of Heaven, A”
    The United States of America, as well as many other nations in the world, continue to fail in the struggle against racism. People ask: Why, after all that has been tried for so many years, has there been... (Click Title)
  • Concerning Gatherings
    This essay is meant to be a follow up to my series entitled A New & Living Way: An Investigation into New Covenant Worship in Spirit & Truth. Here, I hope to offer some applications of the principles... (Click Title)
  • “Fellowship of the Spirit, The”
    The goal of this message is to look deeper into the phrase, The Fellowship of the Spirit, hopefully inspiring us to pursue together with the Holy Spirit, and one another, what I have come to consider... (Click Title)
  • From Children to a Mature Man
    The impetus for writing this brief essay comes from observing the increasing deception in the midst of professing Christianity. As I reflected on this, the Holy Spirit once again drew my attention to... (Click Title)
  • Foundation Of The Apostles & Prophets, The
    In this article, I am focusing on the adjectives, “apostolic” and “prophetic”, rather than the nouns, “apostle” and “prophet”. My goal is a more Christ-centered perspective and understanding of the phrase, “the foundation... (Click Title)
  • Foundation Of The Church, The
    Church... Jesus said, 'I will build My Church'. What is the Church? What did Jesus mean when He used that word? Foundation... What is the Foundation of the Church? Paul said he 'laid the foundation', and that the foundation he laid had already been laid?.., (Click Title)
  • Headship, Leadership & the Body
    It is currently in vogue in certain movements in the Western Church to criticize church leaders for usurping the Headship of Christ in the Church. I agree that, generally speaking, this is a valid criticism.... (Click Title)
  • Hearing What The Spirit Says To The Church
    In this message, we’ll be considering some Scriptures that communicate to us that Jesus desires a people who are humble, submissive in spirit and have respect and reverence for His Word. Our desire is to foster an anticipation.... (Click Title)
  • Power Of True Praise, The
    "Praise the Lord." We use the phrase so casually. Do know what it means to praise the Lord? Do we realize what takes place when we truly praise the Lord? Do we really believe in what we are saying? Are we truly willing to offer a "sacrifice of praise"?... (Click Title)
  • Spiritual Gifts: An Overview
    The purpose of this article is to present a particular and personal overview of spiritual gifts which I have found useful in my life and ministry. It consists of three components... (Click Title)

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  • “And His Name Will Be Called …”
    The focus of this message is the names that Isaiah used to describe the coming King. And the key to understanding these names is the historical context of the people he is speaking to. Basically, he was... (Click Title)
  • Seeking the Lord
    This teaching has to do with nurturing one’s personal relationship with Christ with a view to spiritual transformation (growth in Christ-likeness) In one sense, this fellowship takes place in much the same way as... (Click Title)

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  • Called & Changed
    A study in Conversion in the lives of Peter and Paul. Answering the Call of Christ dramatically changed lives of "the 12" and allowed God to do extraordinary things with the surrendered lives of ordinary people.... (Click Title)
  • Forsaking All to Follow Jesus
    What Does a God Centered Life Look Like? In this essay, we look at what forsaking means, what all means, and what following Jesus means. But the impetus for writing this essay clearly came from observing... (Click Title)
  • Quo Vadis
    God is always moving on in His kingdom plans and purposes. He never moves backward. And for those who love Him, He never stops moving in our lives for His glory. But to continue moving on with God from... (Click Title)

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  • Foundation Stones
    Knowing and experiencing Christ in and by and through sound doctrine is a pre requisite to being a witness of Jesus Christ. We cannot communicate what we do not know and understand; and we cannot give... (Click Title)
  • Crossings, The
    We must interpret the Old Testament in light of the New Testament – particularly with regards to typology. The Old Testament types speak of the "mystery of Christ" through symbolic shadows as it were... (Click Title)
  • Gospel of the Lion & the Lamb, TheThe Gospel of the Lion and The Lamb is the title I have chosen for a teaching on the Book of Revelation. The Lion and Lamb theme found in Revelation 5:5 6 is the essence of the Book of Revelation. This... (Click Title)
  • Israel Of God, TheThe purpose of this article is to hopefully arrive at the definitions of certain terms which are all found in Paul’s epistles - namely, The Israel of God, A Jew, All Israel, and A Remnant... (Click Title)
  • Mysteries of God, The
    The Kingdom of God is a mystery. Many have misunderstood, and consequently, have also misrepresented the Kingdom of God in the earth. If we do not understand the mystery of the Incarnation, we will not... (Click Title)
  • Tabernacle Truths
    Worship can be defined as the way by which we approach God and carry on a relationship with God. Essentially, prayer is also an approach to God. It is Gods ultimate intention to Reveal Christ during worship... (Click Title)

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  • Character of the King & His Kingdom, The
    This study, The Character of The King and His Kingdom is based on the very beginning of the main body of The Teachings of Christ – that is, what is called The Sermon on The Mount. The Sermon on The... (Click Title)
  • Cross & The Powers of Darkness, The
    We have a calling that could be referred to as The Even Greater Commission: ... that the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known through the church to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly... (Click Title)
  • Seeing the Kingdom Through the Cross
    To understand the kingdom of God, we must understand the mystery of Christ, who is the King of that kingdom. If we seek the kingdom of God and do not enter into the mystery of Christ, we have not entered... (Click Title)
  • “Who Is This King of Glory?”
    The title of this message is a question found in Psalm 24: Who is this King of Glory? In Matthews gospel we find Jesus asking a question of His disciples: Who do people say that I am? And a little later... (Click Title)

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  • The Way (series)
    Acts 2:37 40 is the conclusion of the sermon the apostle Peter preached in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost that is, the day which is commonly, held to be the birthday of the Church. At that time, Christianity... (Click Title)
  • Drawing of the Holy Spirit, The (The Way-1)
    The subject matter of this message concerns the influence of the Holy Spirit on the human soul during the conversion regeneration process. By this term, conversion regeneration process, I mean specifically... (Click Title)
  • Repentance, The (The Way-2)
    Acts 2:37-42 shows us that we are to repent, be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit AND to continue steadfastly in the apostles' teaching and the breaking of bread together. This short ebook is about: REPENTANCE..... (Click Title)
  • Meaning of Baptism, The (The Way-3)
    Acts 2:37-42 shows us that we are to repent, be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit AND to continue steadfastly in the apostles' teaching and the breaking of bread together. This short ebook is about: BAPTISM..... (Click Title)
  • Receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit (The Way-4)
    Acts 2:37-42 shows us that we are to repent, be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit AND to continue steadfastly in the apostles' teaching and the breaking of bread together. This short ebook is about: RECEIVING THE HOLY SPIRIT..... (Click Title)
  • “You MUST Be Born Again” (The Way-5)
    Today there are many Christians who do not understand what it means to be Born Again. There are denominations that avoid, and even ridicule, this spiritual reality, because some people have abused it.... (Click Title)
  • Breaking of Bread, The
    Acts 2:37-42 shows us that we are to repent, be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit AND to continue steadfastly in the apostles' teaching and the breaking of bread together. This short ebook is about: BREAKING OF BREAD TOGETHER... (Click Title)
  • Good?
    Jesus of Nazareth – the Model Evangelist? Mark 10 tells a story of an “unsuccessful” attempt at bringing someone to faith in Christ. To make matters worse, the attempt was made by Jesus Himself. So, is this a good model for evangelism?... (Click Title)

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  • Abide in the Vine
    By considering the context in Johns gospel where Jesus told His disciples to abide in Me, we can better understand what it means to Abide in The Vine. We can get insight into WHY Jesus exhorted His disciples... (Click Title)
  • Ecclesia in the Wilderness
    A word to consider in the times we are living in... But what did you go out into the wilderness to see? Matthew 11:7 ... (Click Title)
  • Facing the Future
    The keys words in the title give the subject matter. There is a fact which we all must FACE; and that is: the FUTURE is coming. Whether the prognosis is good or bad whether we want it to come or not the... (Click Title)
  • Heroic
    The Lord’s final word at the end of the Old Testament spoke of a time of restoration before the Day of the Lord in which there would be a “turning of the hearts of the fathers back to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers”.... (Click Title)
  • “Let Your Work Appear to Your Servants”This is a prophetic word concerning our co laboring with the Lord as He builds His Church.... (Click Title)
  • New & Living Way, A
    This series is the fruit of more than 40 years of intensive study, prayer, research, and reflection, as well as, a varied experience in church life, ministry, and meetings. In passionate pursuit of that... (Click Title)
  • Out of the Fire
    The World is 'on fire' – the political sphere is riddled with 'fires' continually springing up all over the World. Human governments are constantly working to 'put out the fires'...(Click Title)
  • Parable of the Census & The Pestilence, The
    We hear every day in the media what is going on in the world during this present situation. BUT, WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE SPIRITUAL REALMS? There is a SHAKING in BOTH the material & the spiritual realms,... (Click Title)
  • Remnant Will Return, A
    Christendom is a counterfeit Christianity in the form of a Constantinian Civil Religion. It is a religion which has been taken into the captivity of its surrounding culture. As with the Jewish religion... (Click Title)
  • Vineyard & The Husbandman, The
    Using the scriptural word picture of The Vineyard of the Lord, this essay takes a look at the current condition of the Church. In response to this, it then takes another look at the commission of the... (Click Title)
  • Weakness of God, The
    The weakness of God is, indeed, a captivating phrase penned by the apostle Paul in his letter to the Church. 1 Corinthians 1:25 This weakness of God is His chosen methodology from before the foundation... (Click Title)
  • Worship in Spirit & Truth
    In this article, we will be reading through the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well, as it is recorded in the 4th chapter of John’s gospel. Our goal is to learn more about being true worshipers... (Click Title)

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  • Brokenness
    We human beings naturally perceive weakness and insecurity to be a problem. I believe that we can see from Scripture that weakness and insecurity can actually be a blessing. It is an opportunity to access... (Click Title)
  • Father’s Heart: Grief, Compassion & Generosity, The
    The Parable of the Prodigal Son highlights these three aspects of the heart of God the Father: Grief, Compassion, Generosity. We are called to become like the Father... (Click Title)
  • God-centered Life, The
    God Centeredness is a quintessential issue. All Christians, as well as, all churches and ministries come down on one side of the line or the other regarding Man Centeredness or God Centeredness. There... (Click Title)
  • Purity of Heart
    I can still picture in my mind, one particular morning in 1979, as I sat at the counter of a local diner in Fort Worth, Texas, reading this verse of scripture over and over again. The Spirit of God had... (Click Title)
  • Spiritual Life & Growth
    Biblical teaching on the normal Christian birth into spiritual life and the normal Christian life of ongoing spiritual growth. An overview and guide for discipleship.... (Click Title)
  • Terrifying Thing, A
    "The Discipline of the Lord", The Judgment of God, His Judgment on His Household, His Judgment on Individual Believers, "Suffering in the Flesh", "Ceasing from Sin", Self-Discipline, "Pursuing Holiness", and "Seeing God".... (Click Title)
  • Transformation of Self
    The colloquial speech used to discuss the commonly held concept of “death to self” or “crucifixion of self” does not hold up to biblical scrutiny or logic. It therefore does not suit the biblical process of sanctification.... (Click Title)
  • Treasures of Darkness, The
    There are places in the spiritual realm dimensions in God, which are dark to us until He brings us into those depths and reveals more of Himself to us through experiences with Himself which gift us with... (Click Title)
  • Walking with Sorrow
    Sorrow is inescapable. And yet, the following questions, found in the hearts and minds of all human beings, are equally inescapable: Why is there suffering and sorrow? Why does God allow it? Why do good... (Click Title)
  • Way Of The Cross, The
    We can make a distinction between the Work of the Cross and the Way of the Cross: The Way of the Cross is Christ’s example which He gave to anyone wants to become my follower, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me. (Luke 9:23)... (Click Title)
  • Wrestling for the Blessing
    I believe and hope to convince you that the Scriptures reveal Gods desire to offer each individual in Christ a unique expression of their personal identity. This was clearly initiated in the Garden, lost... (Click Title)

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  • Art & True Spirituality
    Art as an Essential Form of Worship including some Cautionary Thoughts for Christian Artists Through his works of art, the Christian artist can magnify the Lord by telling of His glory, often without... (Click Title)
  • Call to God-Centered Art, A
    As a call to God centered art, this essay offers Christians involved in the various art forms a foundation for a biblical aesthetic. The attributes of God, revealed in His creation, in His written word,... (Click Title)
  • Evil: The Absence of God
    We all acknowledge that there is an evil contingent in the spiritual realm; but are hesitant to give too much attention to it, preferring to maintain a truly Christ Centered faith. To say that I... (Click Title)
  • Some Thoughts on the Glory of God
    Sometimes, we have extraordinary experiences of that which is true, good, and beautiful. At these times, God is letting His glory issue from Himself through an out raying of His attributes; and the response... (Click Title)

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  • “Elementary Principles of the World”
    This essay also appears as part of a larger piece entitled, A New & Living Way: An Investigation into New Covenant Worship in Spirit & Truth. The main goal of that essay was to investigate New... (Click Title)
  • “IN, but Not OF”
    In, but not of. These are the two contexts in which a disciple of Christ lives IN the world; but not OF the world. John 17:13 19 For more than two thousand years the Church has struggled to understand... (Click Title)
  • Spirit of the World, The
    This essay consists of two related messages from Johns first epistle. Part 1 is entitled Do Not Love the World, and Part 2 Do Not Believe Every Spirit. Regarding the Christians relationship to the world,... (Click Title)
  • “Do Not Believe Every Spirit” (Spirit of the World-1)
    In his first epistle, the apostle John is speaking of spirits here (4:1) in the same way the apostle Paul refers to the spirits of prophets in his first epistle to the Corinthians (14:32). The Greek word in both cases is pneuma, which is rich in meaning... (Click Title)
  • “Do Not Love the World” (Spirit of the World-2)
    In his epistle, the apostle John is telling us "Do not love the world…." (1 John 2:15) In his gospel, the same writer is telling us that "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son... (Click Title)

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