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... And His Name Will Be Called ...


“... combining spiritual thoughts with spiritual words.”  (1 Corinthians 2:13)

A writing / teaching ministry from Bill and Frances Furioso

  • And His Name Will Be Called... (Isaiah 9:6) (eBooklet 46 pages)
    The focus of this message is the names that Isaiah used to describe the coming King. And the key to understanding these names is the historical context of the people he is speaking to. Basically, he was telling these people that this coming King was the only One Who had solutions to the situations in which they found themselves. So, we will look at these names – each one a combination of an adjective and a noun – and interpret them in the context of these people, who are not unlike ourselves.
    Download: PDF

  • Christ Is Prerequisite For Church
    Christ is the Head of the Body, the Church. We cannot discern the Body until we first discern the Head. We cannot understand the mystery of the Church until we understand the mystery of Christ. Jesus is building His Church through revelation of Himself. As we pursue the revelation of Christ, He builds His Church. As disciples of Christ, let us pursue REVELATION of Christ as the Head and the Foundation, having that translated into RELATIONSHIP with Christ, with a view to REFLECTION of Christ. May the Church, which is His Body, be able to say: “Look, ‘so also is Christ’”.
    Download: PDF

    • Group Discussion Guide: Christ Is Prerequisite For Church
      This is the group discussion guide intended to accompany the reading of the booklet entitled “Christ is Prerequisite for Church”
      Download: PDF

  • A Remnant Will Return (a 6-part series)
    “Christendom” is a counterfeit Christianity in the form of a Constantinian Civil Religion. It is a religion which has been taken into the captivity of its surrounding culture. As with the Jewish religion which centuries ago had been exiled in Babylon, any remaining vestiges of our culturalized Christianity are now being utterly shaken to bare bones. This can be very unsettling to all who identify as “Christian”. But it is also absolutely necessary for the counterfeit to fall, so that the Lord can raise up that faith He looks for at His return. In fact, He is at work in the very cultural captivity to “TURN CAPTIVITY CAPTIVE” – turn their hearts captive to Himself – for a more authentic Christ-centered expression of His Kingdom – “a people prepared for the Lord”. While each essay is a "stand alone" message, reading the whole series in order is recommended.

    1. Christendom in Exile
      Download: PDF
    2. The Testimony of God
      Download: PDF
    3. The Law of the Land
      Download: PDF
    4. Bind the Testimony, Seal the Law
      Download: PDF
    5. Turning Captivity Captive
      Download: PDF
    6. A People Prepared (not finished)
  • The Vineyard & The Husbandman (a 5-part series)
    Using the scriptural word picture of The Vineyard of the Lord, this essay takes a look at the current condition of the Church. In response to this, it then takes another look at the commission of the Church, dealing with various aspects of discipleship all in light of the New Covenant, with a particular focus on the Christ-centeredness of apostolic teaching and apostolic fellowship. The essay ends with a presentation of the disciple-maker as “Cultivator”, through the use of word pictures of The Husbandman.

    1. The Condition of the Church
      Download: PDF
    2. The Commission of the Church
      Download: PDF
    3. Discipleship
      Download: PDF
    4. Apostolic Discipleship
      Download: PDF
    5. The Husbandman
      Download: PDF
  • Walking With Sorrow (eBooklet)
    Sorrow is inescapable. And yet, the following questions, found in the hearts and minds of all human beings, are equally inescapable:
    Why is there suffering and sorrow?
    Why does God allow it?
    Why do “good” people suffer?
    Why do the young and innocent suffer?
    Download: PDF

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