At Christ's Table

Seeking The Lord (2011)

By William Furioso

This teaching has to do with nurturing one’s personal relationship with Christ with a view to spiritual transformation (growth in Christ-likeness). Too often discipleship is understood to be attending a special “discipleship class”; and mere attendance is the only responsibility of the disciple. At best, this would make one a disciple of a teacher, and not a disciple of Christ. A disciple of Christ must “attend” to fellowship with the Spirit of Christ. In one sense, this fellowship takes place in much the same way as the original 12 fellowshipped with Jesus of Nazareth. But, since Christ is risen and has sent His Spirit, this New Covenant relationship is better modeled after Jesus of Nazareth’s relationship with His Heavenly Father. While on the earth, the Man, Jesus of Nazareth clearly had the habit of SEEKING GOD.


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