At Christ's Table

Who is this King of Glory? (22 Pages) (2005)

By William Furioso

The title of this message is a question found in Psalm 24: “Who is this King of Glory?” In Matthew’s gospel we find Jesus asking a question of His disciples: “Who do people say that I am?” And a little later in Matthew’s gospel where Jesus is coming into the city of Jerusalem and the crowds of people are asking: “Who is this?

In these passages, the people called Jesus “the Christ, the Son of the living God”, “the Son of Man”, “the Son of David”, and “the Prophet”. These are all names referring to the promised Messiah. Yet, five days after His triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, most of these very same people cried out: “Crucify Him. We have no king but Caesar; crucify Him.”

What has happened here? What has gone wrong? These people thought they understood Jesus, but they misunderstood Him - or, they didn’t want to understand Him. The psalmist’s question is: “Who is this King of Glory?” We must ask ourselves: “Do we have the right answer?


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