At Christ's Table

Tabernacle Truths (9-part series) A Pattern for Revelation & Relationship with Christ Through Worship & Prayer (2014)

By William Furioso

Worship can be defined as the way by which we approach God and carry on a relationship with God. Essentially, prayer is also an approach to God. It is God’s ultimate intention to Reveal Christ during worship and prayer, as they are two main aspects of our Relationship with Christ. The Lord gave the Tabernacle to His people as a heavenly pattern for Revelation, Relationship, and ultimately Reflection (expression) of Christ.


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  • 1. Introduction: The Samaritan Woman
    Download: PDF
  • 2. Jesus: Our Worship Leader
    Download: PDF
  • 3. The Laver: “He Who Sanctifies”
    Download: PDF
  • 4. The Altar of Incense: Our Mediator
    Download: PDF
  • 5. The Table of Showbread: The Bread of Life
    Download: PDF
  • 6. The Lampstand: “A Light for Revelation”
    Download: PDF
  • 7. The Ark of the Covenant: The Divine Nature
    Download: PDF
  • 8. The Mercy Seat: The Shekinah Glory
    Download: PDF
  • 9. The Royal Priesthood: The Expression of Christ
    Download: PDF
  • Tabernacle Truths (Full PDF Series ZIP'd 13 MB) (All 9 Parts in a ZIP file)
    Download: ZIP

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