At Christ's Table

New & Living Way, A: Investigating New Covenant Worship in Spirit & Truth (8-part series (2018)

By William Furioso

This series is the fruit of more than 40 years of intensive study, prayer, research, and reflection, as well as, a varied experience in church life, ministry, and meetings. In passionate pursuit of that “New & Living Way” which Christ has opened to us through the New Covenant, the Holy Spirit has given insight and instruction through His scriptures all along this spiritual journey - shedding light on the nature, the meaning, and the experiential realities of the New Covenant, moving beyond the ritualism and sacramentalism of “the elementary principles of the world” into “worship in Spirit and truth” - a collective life of surrender and service - “according to the Spirit”, according to “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus” - for the gathering of the kingdom assembly (the ekklesia). All of this serves the reflection and manifestation of the New Covenant Pattern and Principle - Christ Himself - “in whom we live and move and have our existence”. (Acts 17:28)


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  • The Ekklesia
    Download: PDF
  • In Search of New Covenant Worship
    Download: PDF
  • Another Look at Worship
    Download: PDF
  • Jewish Roots In Christianity
    Download: PDF
  • Led by the Spirit
    Download: PDF
  • Elementary Principles Of The World:
    (3 Parts)
    • Sacralization Of The Spiritual
      Download: PDF
    • Sacralization Of The Secular
      Download: PDF
    • Conventional Worship Praxes
      Download: PDF
  • Concerning Gathering
    Download: PDF
  • “I Have Given You As A Covenant”
    Download: PDF
  • A New & Living Way (Full PDF Series ZIP'd 20 MB) (All 8 Essays [10 files] in a ZIP file)
    Download: ZIP

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