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Gospel of the Lion and The Lamb, The (2020)

By William Furioso

The Gospel of the Lion and The Lamb” is the title I have chosen for a teaching on the Book of Revelation. The “Lion and Lamb” theme (found in Revelation 5:5-6) is the essence of the Book of Revelation. This teaching is NOT a line-by-line commentary but is rather an introductory overview of the Book of Revelation.
This article …

  • Compares the different perspectives on how to interpret The Revelation and other prophetic scriptures.
  • Discusses four issues of interpretation to be considered:
    • Time
      • Preterism
      • Futurism
      • Historicism
    • “Millennium”
      • Premillennialism (Dispensational & Historical)
      • Postmillennialism
      • Amillennialism
    • Language
      • Literalism
      • Symbolism
    • Covenants (The Old Covenants & The New Covenant)
      • Dispensationalism
      • Progressive Revelation


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