At Christ's Table

Evil - The Absence of God (49 pages) (2020)

By William Furioso

We alWe all acknowledge that there is an evil contingent in the spiritual realm; but are hesitant to give too much attention to it, preferring to maintain a truly Christ-Centered faith. To say that I am a staunch advocate for Christ-Centeredness is an understatement. And, I have also seen much too often the spiritual dissipation that results when Christians “major on the minors” and become almost literally obsessed with the realities and activities of the forces of darkness. Therefore, my goal in this research and study has been NOT to become educated in “the deep things of Satan”; but rather to more fully understand the panorama of truth contained in the scriptures.

As some others have pointed out: We need to recover the supernatural worldview of the Bible and the unveiling of truths contained in the scriptures (albeit it sometimes obscurely) regarding evil and the spiritual forces of evil. I have found that this has served to increase my personal perception of God and His spiritual domain. It has also served to deepen my understanding of His plan of redemption in and by and through Christ.

The referencing of certain familiar New Testament scriptures with maybe more obscure Old Testament scriptures has given an increased understanding of what the writers of the scriptures were actually communicating to their ancient and first century audiences. Not only is it exciting to discover these things, I believe God intends to give more wide-spread understanding of these things to His people “upon whom the ends of the ages are come”.


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