At Christ's Table

Concerning Gatherings (78 pages) (2020)

By William Furioso

This essay is meant to be a follow-up to my series entitled “A New & Living Way: An Investigation into New Covenant Worship in Spirit & Truth”. Here, I hope to offer some “applications” of the “principles” examined in that previous series by approaching the subject of “Gathering” - NOT on how we gather, or where and when we gather, but WHY we gather, hoping that will lead to some insight into the nature of our collective life in the New Covenant. The “collective life” I’m referring to is worship - as we have defined it: a lifestyle of surrender and service to the Lord. And just one component in this lifestyle involves gathering - gatherings of the Ekklesia. WHY would the Ekklesia gather?

Offering as some thoughts on the matter, and not the end of the matter, we will consider WHY we would gather in light of: Custom, The New Testament Scriptures, The New Commandment, The Commission(s) of the Church, and the New Covenant itself.


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