At Christ's Table

Character Of The King & His Kingdom, The - The Beatitudes (2017)

By William Furioso

This study, The Character of The King and His Kingdom is based on the very beginning of the main body of The Teachings of Christ – that is, what is called ‘The Sermon on The Mount’. The Sermon on The Mount is the Law of The Kingdom – in other words, how the King rules His Kingdom. The essence of that Law is the very nature (or character) of The King and His Kingdom. Here we see Jesus at the beginning of His ‘movement’, and the beginning of His ‘discipleship/leadership training’. Jesus begins with character formation.

As the title indicates, this study purposes to give you a Revelation of Christ through revelation of His character, as seen in the eight character traits commonly known as ‘The Beatitudes’. These also reveal the Character of the Kingdom of the King; as well as the character of all those who would be ‘Disciples of the Kingdom’ (Matthew 13:52).

These 20 PERSONAL BIBLE STUDIES (PBS) are IN DEPTH scripture study of the Beatitudes, and have been designed for personal or small-group study.



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